The Lifting Anchors do not have a shear pin design and should therefore not be used in a guiding system in the same way as the Imenco Standard Guidewire Anchors or the Imenco Slimline Guidewire Anchors The Lifting Anchors are available in different versions Standard LA Extra Long LAE and Extra Short Nose LA SN 2020 11 9 nbsp 0183 32 The FRIMEDA Lifting Anchor System meets the requirements of the European machine guideline MD 2006 42 EC The required steel load capacity for transport systems is defined in these guidelines To also ensure safe use of transport anchor systems with the required resistance values for cast in anchors HALFEN Transport anchor and trans The table lists Lifting Pin Anchors that are currently man ufactured Other sizes and lengths are available on special order When the Lifting Anchor is properly embedded in normal weight concrete the tabulated working loads are applicable for any direction of load 2021 5 3 nbsp 0183 32 Foot Anchor The SwiftLift system utilises a fully engineered approach combining cast in lifting anchors recess formers and custom fitting lifting clutches Using the SwiftLift system results in fewer failures saving time and costs due to damage or construction delays AS 3850 1 2015 A1 2019 Compliant 2022 2 25 nbsp 0183 32 Lift covers are an Injection molded plastic cosmetic cover commonly used for covering the recessed pockets created by lifting devices including ALPO Lifting Pin and QUIKLIFT anchors Lift covers are required to use DAP Dynaflex 230 Caulk or NPC Solar Seal 900 Caulk when being bonded Nylon Nail lt fasteners are an alternate method of fastening

The lifting pin anchor is a traditional pin lifting anchor system for the precast concrete The easy and quickly universal head link is used to lift and transport the concrete panel or concrete culvert The lifting pin anchor have forged The Monkey Fist Concrete Lifting Anchor is the most efficient way to remove concrete Core drill a 2 quot hole insert The Monkey Fist and lift Spherical Lifting System Lift Head Anchor Spherical Lifting System Previous product Lift Head Shackles Next product Eye Anchors Lift Head Anchor Also called pin anchors The anchors exist in several loads ranging from 1 3T to 32T and in different lengths Lifting Pin Anchors are manufactured using high strength steel with forged ends The head design provides uniform engagement with the Lifting Eye The large forgedanchor foot is embedded in the concrete to create the lifting capacity Threaded Lifting Sockets Threaded Fixing Socket s Threaded Socket Accessories Spread Anchor Systems Pin Anchor Systems Easy Lift Utility Anchor System Cast in Lifting Loops Download Product Catalogue

Spherical Head Lifting Systems consists of spherical head anchor also called pin or dog Lifting Accessories such as lifting clutch 3D lifting System recess former and holding screws The lifting clutch recess former and lifting anchor only correspond when they are from the same load group 2021 10 18 nbsp 0183 32 Lifting Systems 44 1 800 336 2598 DR Anchor CONCRETE LIFTING SOLUTIONS Lifting System Economical and effective method for backstripping or face lifting in tension The system code is stamped on the head of each anchor to T 앵커용 리프팅 클러치 유형 TH 정보 리프팅 클러치 유형 TH 전기 도금 The capacity loads are axial with breakage safety factor equal to 5 for all types of lifting clutches 1 3 ton up to 32 ton The Spherical Head Lifting Clutch comes in 6 different load groups 1 3 to 32 ton to suit the load carrying range of ALL TYPES OF LIFTING ANCHORS with spherical heads Lift Head Shackles To be used with the lifting head anchors and all anchors belonging to the pin anchor system to lift concrete units LIFT HEAD SHACKLE 1 1 3T PIN ANCHOR RING LIFT HEAD SHACKLE 2 5 T Pin anchor ring 2022 2 14 nbsp 0183 32 Plate Anchor For Pin Anchor Lifting System GME Plate Lifting Anchor is recommended for all large thin reinforced slabs which are to be lifted at right angles and where the standard lifting anchors will not fit in the slab They also be used for demoulding panels

프리캐스트 콘크리트 리프팅 앵커 시스템 제품 중국 제조 업체가 제공하는 품질의프리캐스트 콘크리트 리프팅 앵커 시스템제품을 찾을 에서 Gaomi Gongji Precise Metal Co Ltd kr Made in The Imenco Lifting Anchors or Latches have been manufactured and used since the late 1990s and are known in the subsea market for their ease of use and dependability for safe lifting operations The Imenco Lifting Anchors are easily installed and released by ROV or diver The Imenco Lifting Anchors are built from high strength stainless steel and are hence very Lifting Anchors Description Economical and effective way to lift your concrete element It s simple to use hardware makes installation easy for most any precast application Capacities ranges from 1 3T to 32 TONS Product Ranges Lifting Pin Anchor Eye Anchor Double head Anchor Lifting Clutch Swivel Lifting Eye bolt Utility AnchorThe lifting pin anchor have forged spherical head and a forged foot which was stable in the same ton spec the length is made according to client s request The lifting pin anchor can be produced in plain or zinc plate or hot dipped or 寻找此 Pin 图以及 Paul 发布的更多关于 Precast Lifting Systems 的内容 Ningbo Anchor Gym Anchor Bolt Excercise Anchors Gymnastics Room Gym Room

Spread Lifting anchors The Spread lifting anchor system is comprised of steel plate lifting anchorsand ring clutchs as well as Rubber recess formers for securing to the formwork There are various types of Spread anchors available and the system is suitable for transporting all types of concrete elements 2020 11 9 nbsp 0183 32 lifting systems is defi ned in these guidelines To also ensure safe use of lifting anchor systems with the required resistance values for cast in anchors HALFEN Lifting anchor and lifting an chor systems also meet the require ments of VDI BV BS regulation 6205 This catalogue is an installation and application instruction as defi ned in2018 10 31 nbsp 0183 32 BREAKABLE FIXING PIN – TBP The 1D Threaded lifting system is mainly used when the hoisting angles are limited while the 2D Strip anchor lifting system and the 3D T slot anchor lifting system can be used for all hoisting angles with minor limitations for the 2D Strip anchor lifting system The Pin Anchor system is supplied in a wide range of lifting capacitites ranging from 1 3 tonne to 45 0 tonne The method is the same throughout the size range There are three basic components to the range Pin Anchor Recess Former 2022 2 17 nbsp 0183 32 Pin Anchor Lifting System Lifting Clutch GME Precast produced CE certificated lifting clutch ring clutch with high grade 35CrMoV special casting head clutch and forged bolt When the head of lifting clutch inserted into the recess