DESCRIPTION SUGGESTED SPECIFICATIONS Drop In Shell Type Anchors SPECIFIED FOR ANCHORAGE INTO CONCRETE Drop In shell type anchors feature an internally threaded all steel shell with expansion cone insert and flush embedment lip Anchors are manufactured from zinc plated carbon steel 18 8 stainless steel and 316 stainless steel Download relevant CSI guide specifications Division Description Updated Format 03 15 00 Concrete Accessories 1 1 18 DOC 03 40 00 Precast Concrete 1 1 18 DOC 05 05 19 Post Installed Concrete Anchors ROCKIT and KWIXSET are fast setting of more than twice the strength of fully cured conventional concrete When mixed with water to pourable consistency they flow and seep into place as though they were molten lava Both products have an initial set with in 15 20 minutes With in one hour they will develop compression strengths of 31Mpa or 4500 47 rows nbsp 0183 32 Wedge anchors should be used only in solid concrete Length To determine the Concrete anchors anchor bolts are screw bolt fastening systems used to attach objects to concrete Variations include L anchors concrete I bolt anchors concrete strike anchors sleeve bolt anchors and floor anchors Expansion Anchors

Cast in place anchor bolts are the strongest type of fastener but the casting is difficult and they are usually only used for heavy machines mounted on poured concrete floors Another use of this anchor bolt is to connect the concrete foundation of a building to its wall With this the building is more resistant to earthquakes D 31 6 f Hilti Anchor Rod Specifications and Technical Data TECHNICAL DATA ALLOWABLE STRESS DESIGN ASD The following technical data is for adhesive anchors that will be designed in accordance with the Allowable Stress Design Method ASD This includes Hilti HIT HY 70 for masonry HIT HY 200 for masonry HIT ICE HIT HY 10 PLUS HIT 1 Spec Bond 201 primary use is for anchoring bolts dowels and reinforcing steel in concrete where a fast set high strength adhesive is required Spec Bond 201 may also be used for vertical and overhead structural bond ing and patching sealing of cracks and setting of injection ports 5 5 2020 nbsp 0183 32 UFGS 05 05 20 00 27 Post Installed Concrete and Masonry Anchors 1 Date 02 01 2021 Division Division 05 Metals Page s 15 View Download PDF ZIP Criteria Change Request CCR Federal Facility Criteria Department of Defense Unified Facilities Guide Specifications UFGS History Below is a listing of the Revisions and Concrete Block Specifications Discussion of Specifications B Install items furnished by others bolts anchor bolts shelf angles and built ins C Arrange for adequate bracing forming and shoring required in conjunction with and in the course of constructing the concrete masonry

One anchor length saves time and money Wedge Type Anchors SPECIFIED FOR ANCHORAGE INTO CONCRETE Trubolt Wedge anchors feature a stainless steel expansion clip threaded stud body nut and washer Anchor bodies are made of plated carbon steel hot dipped galvanized carbon steel type 304 stainless steel or typePurchase Sleeve Anchors Before installing concrete sleeve anchors it is important to consider a number of technical specifications First consider the four head styles acorn hex flat and round Ultimate holding values anchor length and minimum embedment will determine the size and type of sleeve anchor needed for a specific application Details 42 in 1m concrete anchor strap Loop slips over rebar for fast installation Durable polyester construction Abrasion resistant polyester wear pad High strength steel D ring Compact and lightweight design Economical disposable design 42 in 1m concrete anchor strap with D ring at one end web loop at other end Specifications ASTM F1554 F1554 covers anchor bolts that are intended to be embedded in concrete in order to fasten structural supports to the concrete foundation These anchor bolts are available in Grade 36 Grade 55 and Grade 105 8 rows nbsp 0183 32 Before installing concrete sleeve anchors it is important to consider a number of technical

There are numerous technical specifications that must be considered when using Concrete Drop in Anchors Considerations include diameter and material type internal thread length minimum edge distance and required hole size The Concrete Drop in Anchor is a great fastener option when working with flush mounting applications Anchors Simpson Strong Tie 174 Anchoring Fastening and Restoration Systems for Concrete and Masonry Titen HD Anchor Product Data Mechanically Galvanized Size in Model No Drill Bit Dia in Wrench Size in Quantity Box Carton 3 8 x 3 THD37300HMG 3 8 9⁄16 50 200 3 8 x 4 THD37400HMG 50 200 3 8 x 5 THD37500HMG 50 100 3 8 x 6 LOAD CONDITIONS AND SPECIFICATIONS Anchor Spacing Distance Edge amp End Distance Load toward edge Load away from edge 1 4 quot 2 1 2 2 1 1 2 3 8 quot 3 3 4 3 2 1 2 quot 5 4 3 5 8 quot 6 1 4 5 4 3 4 quot 7 1 2 6 5 7 8 quot 9 7 6 1 quot 10 7 6 EDGE AND SPACING DISTANCES Anchoring too close to an edge or placing anchors too close to one another can decrease performance For 100 use Concrete Anchors and Shear Connectors Below are shown stock sizes for Concrete Anchors and Shear Connectors Any special requirements can be Made to Order Contact us for a quote Concrete Anchors range in sizes from 50 pieces per carton to 1000 pieces per carton while Shear Connectors range in sizes from 1 piece per carton to 200 pieces per The C A 2021 is a 278 page catalog for Anchoring Fastening Restoration and Strengthening Systems for Concrete and Masonry Download the Catalog Order by Mail Anchor Designer™ Software for ACI 318 ETAG and CSA

Stud diameters D 1 2 quot and below will be approximately 1 8 quot shorter after welding 5 8 quot will be approximately 3 16 quot shorter after welding Maximum length available for cold headed product is 8 3 16 quot Prices on hot formed studs over 10 3 16 quot available upon request All COX INDUSTRIES headed anchors meet AWS specifications All Cox Industries Headed Concrete Anchors meet current 3 8 x 4 1 8 CA384 350 53 151 AWS D1 1 and CSA W59 specifications 3 8 x 5 1 8 CA385 300 59 185 250 3 8 x 6 1 8 CA386 55 216 Mechanical Properties Requirements Type A Type B Tensile Strength 61 000 psi 65 000 psi min min Yield Strength 49 000 psi 51 000 psi min minThese anchors are code listed by ICC ES for cracked and uncracked concrete applications under the 2009 IBC All Titen HD screw anchors feature a patented thread design with serrated cutting teeth for easy installation Show Less specifications Diameter 3 4 quot Drill Bit Size The tensile resistance of the bolt is developed by the bond between the bolt shank and the concrete plus the bearing resistance of the anchor plate The pocket is formed by placing a pipe at the top of the concrete of approximately 75 mm diameter for M20 and M24 bolts rising to 100 mm diameter for M30 bolts Anchor bolt size and type is specified on an anchor bolt schedule based on required application An anchor bolt schedule is applied to the project drawing as a CAD cell See Standard Drawing 99 999 D 004281 for Anchor Bolt Selection Guide For concrete structures and foundations that support steel structures anchor bolts may be