Product Info 3 4 quot Coil Nut 1 18 quot AF Plain 500 box Coil Nuts are designed to be used with Amifast Coil Bolts To achieve listed safe working load two 2 Coil Nuts should be locked tightly together If using the High Coil Nut only one 1 Coil Nut Tengco provides concrete bolts and fasteners coil bolts fit up bolts penta head bolts snap tie wedges as well as rod clamps screed hooks and wing nuts Tengco is ISO 9001 2015 certified through our midwest distribution center and our engineering logistics customer service and sales staff can help you today Coil Rod can be used for a variety of concrete forming applications including form ties inserts and coil tie combinations Coil Rods are also available cut tosize with left hand threading and or galvanized Other related products include Coil Nuts Coil Nut Washers Flat Washers and Coil Bolts Coil Ties The 2 Strut and 4 Strut designs in standard and heavy duty capacities are SBCB124 Coil Bolt 1 2 x4 3 1 4 6 SBCB125 Coil Bolt 1 2 x5 4 1 4 6 SBCB126 Coil Bolt 1 2 x6 5 6 Shear load 12 000 lbs ultimate Tension load 18 000 lbs ultimate 3 4 Coil Bolt Part No Description Thread Length Threads per inch SBCB343 Coil Bolt 3 4 x3 2 1 4 4 1 2 SBCB344 Coil Bolt 3 4 x4 3 1 4 4 1 2 SBCB345 Coil Bolt 3 4 x5 4 1 4 4 1 2Product Info 3 4 quot Coil Nut Heavy Plain 100 box Coil Nuts are designed to be used with Amifast Coil Bolts To achieve listed safe working load two 2 Coil Nuts should be locked tightly together If using the High Coil Nut only one 1 Coil Nut will be needed to achieve listed safe working load Item Specifications Across The Flats 1 1 4

Discount pricing on tools and more at Fisher Tools Coil Bolt Nut 3 4 quot Don t wait Order now and we ll ship today We also stock Concrete amp Masonry Materials and Forming Products and our operators are standing by Removing a Coil Nut grinds away any concrete spatter leaving the Coil Bolt threads clean and reusable Coil Bolts can be treated with form release or grease to promote smooth threading and protect from corrosion Forming applications will be affected by the amount of thread engagement and vary by the type of Coli Nut or Coil Tie 1 2 Coil Bolt Part No Description concrete finishing 2015 2016 edition coil treaded nuts coil nut 1 2 quot ychcn12 coil nut 1 2 quot heavy duty 3340612 coil nut 1 2 quot galvanized ychcn12g coil nut 3 4 quot ychcn34 coil nut 3 4 quot heavy duty 3340634 coil nut 3 4 quot heavy duty dayton 3990634 coil nut 3 4 quot galvanized ychcn34g coil nut 1 quot 3340001 coil nut 1 quot heavy duty 3340001hd coil nut 1 1 4 quot dayton 3990114 coil rods coil rod Designed to be paired with coil bolts coil nuts provide temporary clamping around concrete Plain Steel Hex shaped coil nuts are available in 1 2 3 4 quot amp 1 quot diameter 2 standard or 1 heavy nut is required to develop full strength of high tensile coil rod Products 1 2 of 2 Show Quick View 1 2 quot Standard Coil Nut Price 530 00 ADD TO CART Quick View 3 4 quot Standard Coil Nuts 500 Coil nuts are paired with coil bolts in concrete forming applications Fastenal Uses Cookies to Improve User Experience Cookies are not used for the processing collection or storage of personal data under any circumstances If you would like to prevent this website from using cookies adjust the cookie settings in your browser Changing this setting will alter the

Dayton Concrete Supplies Coil Ties Accessories B 1 Coil Rod B 3 Coil Nuts B 4 Coil Bolts B 35 Coil Loop Inserts B 17 B 18 B 33 B 43 Ferrule Loop Inserts F 44 F 59 F 47 F 60 F 50 F 61 F 52 F 62 F 53 F 63 F 56 F 64 F 57 F 65 F 58 F 70 Strand Pushdowns H 15 gt 3 4 quot Coil Nut BHN S 3 4 9M Acrow Richmond 75SFCNP 50BAG DataSheet Add Favourite DataSheet Add To Favourites 20160223094718 nutheavyhex jpg No product description content for the product 2020 10 29 nbsp 0183 32 If there is no engineer on the project google quot Kansas City skywalk quot to see what can go wrong with threaded rods One of the threads is for a 3 4 4 5 bolt and nut Thanks for the tip on the book I was unaware it covered coil threads I am aware of the sidewalk failure 2020 05 21 nbsp 0183 32 facilitate bolt removal from the set concrete FEATURES n Coil bolts have fast acting self cleaning coil threads n Coil bolts are designed to be reusable but they do wear and must be continuously inspected and replaced when wear or damage is noted n A waterproof grease shold be applied to the portion of bolt that will be embedded in the concrete This will Coil Bolts may be furnished with an integral forged head or with a hex nut welded to a length of continuous coil rod Standard thread length of the integral forged head Coil Bolt is 4 on the 1 2″ diameter and 4 1 2 on all other sizes Use of waterproof stain resistant grease applied to the bolt shaft will aid in the bolt removal process Note that Coil Bolts are subject to wear and

It is available with 3 4 quot or 1 quot diameter coil threads and is stocked in 3 1 2 quot and 6 quot lengths Longer lengths are available on special order In order to develop the F49A Eye Bolt s rated load the shoulder must be tightened firmly against the face of the concrete The eye bolt is intended for straight tensile loading only pulling or lifting at an angle drastically reduces the safe working CR 4 Coil Rod CR 4 Continuous Coil Rod is manufactured and stocked in 12 0 lengths Special lengths are available up to 20 0 Requires minimum two 2 Standard CN 5 Coil Nuts or one 1 Heavy CN 25 Coil Nut to develop full safe work load Minimum coil thread penetration is same as shown for coil bolts May be cut with carborundum blades without thread damage Do not use B14 Coil Bolts have fast acting self cleaning threads and are available in 3 4 quot 1 quot 1 1 4 quot and 1 1 2 quot diameter bolts Bolts may be furnished with integrally formed heads or made with B12 Coil Rod and B25 Hex Nuts securely welded on May be reused but will wear and must be regularly inspected Must be kept clean and lubricated When determining overall length of lifting bolt COIL BOLT 3 4 quot X3 1 2 quot GOLDEN PLATED SKU CB07535 G 3 78 In Stock Add CN 25 COIL NUT 3 4 HEAVY DUTY PLATED SKU CN25 75 PL 1 80 In Stock Add To Favorites Concrete Accessories of GA Inc 4475 River Green Parkway Suite 100 Duluth GA 30096 USA Phone 800 336 2598 Fax 770 417 1820 60 176 0 7 0 4 90 176 0 5 0 3 No Size Wt lbs SD SCL4NC 3 4 quot LAG bolt with 1 2 quot coil NC tie 0 7 1 Load lbs at approximat 3 to 1 safety factor Figures based on p 8 1003 2D3 4L where G is specific gravity D is lag shank diameter and L is penetration of threaded portion in wood from Forest Products Laboratory Wood Handbook 1999 Load not to

Coil nuts are paired with coil bolts in concrete forming applications More information Material Steel Steel is the most common fastener material due to its strength properties Unalloyed steel may be surface treated to enhance corrosion resistance and other desirable properties Catalog View List View Grid Material Steel 18 rows nbsp 0183 32 OCM Coil Bolts are made from high strength steel and are used with different types 3 4 quot coil nut bhn s 3 4 9m 1 1 4 quot coil nut all thrd rod plt 5 8ncx120 1 quot x12 b7 all thread rod 3 4 quot 10 unc hex nut crane bolt wg black 1 3 4 quot x 40 quot 1015 anchor bolt c w 8 quot 8 t p i thread each end astm 4130 classification k charpy value 15 ft lb 20 degree f 28 degree c 1 2x14 carriage bolt hdg 1 2 quot round washer plated 3 4 nc fin hex CONCRETE FORMING Cast in Channels washer cup washer SLANT ANCHOR c connector 4 x4 shore clamp STANDARD TWO STRUTS 3 4 quot COIL TIE quot L quot leg coil insert 2 strut 1 2 quot coil tie coil tie cone recess former ferrule loop insert ferrule straight loop insert foot anchor open coil insert ring lift plate anchor sigle flared coil loop insert STD 2 struts 3 4 quot fast cone coil tie STD two ALP Coil bolts are manufactured with a fast threading self cleaning coil thread Coil bolts are available in 1 2 3 4 and 1 sizes as listed below Buy Precast Supplies Lifting Anchors Coil and Ferrule Inserts Chamfer Coil Bolts Nuts and Rod Reinforcing Fibers Magnetic Solutions Prestressing and Post Tensioning Needs Chemicals and more