Suture Anchor 2 mm Size Sterile Disposable With Size 2 0 18 in Green Ethibond Braided Polyester Suture Double Armed V 5 Tapercut Needles Disposable Inserter 1 7 x 4 mm Hand Drill 180 00 Each Qty Add to Cart Skip to the end of the images gallery Skip to the beginning of the images gallery More Information Tacit anchors provide strong fixation for hand and Anchor Diameter mm 2 3 3 9 3 9 4 1 1 8 w 5 5 arc 2 4 w 7 8 arc 2 8 w 7 8 arc 5 0 amp 6 5 Anchor Depth mm 5 1 9 9 6 5 4 8 8 11 4 13 amp 15 Achilles yes yes yes yes yes yes2013 07 29 nbsp 0183 32 The Healix anchors are made in three sizes 4 75mm 5 5mm and 6 5 mm and are made of either Biocryl Rapide a biocomposite material that allows absorption and boney ingrowth at the implant site or PEEK a biocompatible thermoplastic material The anchors hold up to six strands of the company s Orthocord High Strength Orthopaedic Suture or two strands of high DEPUY MITEK 4 5MM HEALIX ADVANCE BR ANCHOR WITH TRIPLE STRAND 2 PERMACORD SUTURE EXPIRED Regular price Sold out Sale price 124 50 Sale DEPUY MITEK 212031 Each EXPIRED DEPUY MITEK 212031 Each EXPIRED Vendor DEPUY MITEK QUICKANCHOR PLUS ANCHOR ROTATOR CUFF ANCHOR WITH 2 ETHIBOND SUTURE EXPIRED Abstract We inserted 36 Mitek Mini G2 suture anchors Mitek Surgical Products Westwood MA into various sites of 14 fresh cadaver hands A single strand 0 Ethibond suture Ethicon Sommerville NJ was threaded through each anchor inserted into and loaded to failure In all cases either the anchor pulled out 11 of 36 or the suture broke 25 of 36

depuy mitek 222296 Quantity Available 0 Suture Anchor 4 5 mm Size Biocryl Rapide Biocomposite Dual Threaded Design Absorbable Sterile Disposable With Three Strand Size 2 36 in Violet amp Blue Blue Stripe Orthocord Braided SutureThe Mitek FASTIN Anchor is supplied STERILE Contents are STERILE unless packaging is damaged or opened Resterilization by any method is not recommended The Mitek FASTIN Anchor is constructed of Titanium 6AL 4V ELI The Inserter is made of stainless steel The Suture material is braided polyester nonabsorbable USP Size 2 2 x 13 inches 5 x The mini suture anchor used was DePuy Mitek Mini Quickanchor plus Johnson amp Johnson USA Fig 1 Open in a separate window Fig 1 Mini suture anchor A The appearance of mini suture anchor B The composition of mini suture anchor a the wings b the orthocord suture c the mini anchor screw d the handle As shown in Fig 1 mini suture anchor consists of an anchor Mitek Sports Medicine Developed new All Suture Anchor Feasibly Concept Prototyping and Verification testing Used SolidWorks to develop the Gryphon Assembly fixture that decreased DEPUY MITEK LLC Medical Device Products TACIT QUICKANCHOR Cranio Drill 2 0mm Size 2 0 white ETHIBOND braided polyester suture 18 Inches 45 cm double armed with V 5 TAPERCUT needles with disposable inserter and 1 7mm x 4 0mm Cranio Drill Super QUICKANCHOR Plus DS With two Number 2 5 metric ORTHOCORD Braided Composite

Suture Anchor 4 5 mm Size Biocryl Rapide Biocomposite Dual Threaded Design Absorbable Sterile Disposable With Three Strand Size 2 36 in Violet amp Blue Blue Stripe Orthocord Braided Suture 228 00 Each Skip to the end of the images gallery Skip to the beginning of the images gallery More Information Healix Advance anchor is built upon the historical performance of 2019 04 03 nbsp 0183 32 A suture anchor assembly includes a main suture strand a plurality of suture arms and a plurality of suture anchor elements connected to the main suture strand by a suture arm The suture anchor elements are configured to rest against a cortex of a to provide an anchor when they are in a deployed configuration The suture anchor assemblies can be though the anchors are available in various sizes the Mitek mini anchor Figure 2 is the most adaptable for TMJ disc stabiliza tion The successful use of the device for TMJ articular disc re positioning has been previously reported in the literature by Wolford et al 6 17 18 23 The Mitek mini anchor is cylindrical measuring 1 8 mm in diameter and 5 0 mm in length The body of the Shape and size of the BioKnotless suture anchor DePuy Mitek This triangular shaped anchor is 3 9 mm at the widest part 9 mm long and is inserted into a 2 9 mm drill hole Fixation Strength for PEEK Knotless Corkscrew 174 Suture Anchor versus Knotted PEEK SutureTak 174 Suture Anchor File Type Ref LA1 00066 EN Version A Language English Revision Date 11 09 2017 Share View More 3 View All Presentation Videos 45 SpeedBridge™ Knotless Double Row Rotator Cuff Repair File Type Ref VPT1 00803 EN Version A Language

DePuy Mitek TCP PLGA Absorbable Anchor with dual size 2 5 metric braided composite suture violet and blue 36 quot 91cm Size 2 5 metric eyelet loop REF 210712 Qty 1Corkscrew 174 Anchors Suture Anchor Nano Corkscrew FT with 3 0 FiberWire and Two Needles 1 35 mm K wire AR 1317FT Suture Anchor Micro Corkscrew FT with 2 0 FiberWire and two needles Soft K Wire and Hard K Wire 2 2 mm AR 1318FT Suture Anchor Micro Corkscrew FT with 4 0 FiberWire and two needles Soft K Wire and Hand K 7210303 2 0 mm MINITAC Ti Suture Anchor with 2 DURABRAID Sutures Size 3 0 and Needles Anchor package also includes 1 8 mm Disposable Drill Guide and Disposable Drill 72202067 2 8 mm TWINFIX™ Ti Suture Anchor with 2 ULTRABRAID Sutures Size 2 0 and Needles 72200796 2 8 mm TWINFIX Ti Suture Anchor with 2 DURABRAID Sutures Size 2 0 7210301 2 8 mm 212034 DePuy Mitek G2 Quickanchor Plus 2 Ethibond braided CP 2 needles and inserter 300 00 20 in stock Add to basket 222984 DePuy Mitek Super Quick Anchor DS with Orthocord 285 00 The award winning JuggerKnot Soft anchor began with a 1 4 mm diameter 100 suture based anchor system and has quickly evolved into a family of anchors that offer sizing options for many different procedures JuggerKnot Soft Anchor 4 JuggerKnot and JuggerKnotless Soft Anchor All Inclusive Brochure JuggerKnot 1 4 mm Drill Hole Typical 3 0 mm Drill Hole They re Small

1 day ago nbsp 0183 32 B The FiberTape suture is then fed through the eyelet of a 4 75 mm polyetheretherketone SwiveLock anchor Arthrex Naples FL and the anchor is deployed for repair of the subscapularis tendon back to the insertional footprint Download Download high res image 285KB Download Download full size image Fig 7 reattachment DePuy Mitek s unique proprietary suture anchor product lines enhance a wide range of surgical techniques speeding operational success That s why DePuy Mitek is the first name in suture anchors Drill the Hole Using the drill prepare the anchor s insertion site Thread the Suture To attach a single strand of braided Inion FixOn™ BioComposite Suture Anchor Sizes 216 4 5 mm 216 5 5 mm and 216 6 5 mm With two or three preloaded high strength sutures Inion FixOn™ Biocomposite Suture Anchor Shoulder anatomy Scapula Inion FixOn™ Biocomposite Suture Anchor Shoulder anatomy Rotator cuff Glenoid Labrum Inion FixOn™ Biocomposite Suture Anchor Indications Indications Soft Actual size 2 9 mm x 18 mm drill hole Shown on cover with 5 s u t u r e Fixation strength approx 42 lbs S u p e r A n c h o r 5 Suture PRODUCTS 174 Extended Family – Extended Indications S u p e r A n c h o r ™ The Mitek SuperAnchor is indicated where exceptionally high fixation strength is re q u i r ed The SuperAnchor uses four nitinolMitek Sports Medicine provides a comprehensive hip arthroscopy offering to be used in colloboration with the VERSALOOP™ Soft Anchor System VERSALOOP™ 1 5mm XL Family of Instruments VERSALOOP™ Anchor 1 Tape 1 5mm Multiple Hip access kits including straight amp curved blades Hip Procedure System VERSALOOP™ Anchor 1 Suture 1 5mm