tions in masonry 2 typical details of proper anchor bolt installation 3 suggested allowable anchor bolt design loads and 4 the current and proposed codes and standards governing anchor bolts in masonry con struction In new masonry construction anchor bolts are com monly embedded in walls and columns to support beams 11 Anchor bolt projection 11 1 In general the anchor bolt projection shall de established as the addition of one inch of grout plus the equipment base plate s thickness plus 3 anchor bolt diameter See page 12 11 2 For steel tank and pressure vessel design the thread length of the anchor bolt under theThe L bolts also greatly exceeded the minimum 248 MPa 36 ksi yield and 400 MPa 58 ksi ultimate strength requirements for ASTM A 36 steel and for the most part had slightly greater capacity than similar bolts tested in Phase 2 3 3 Anchor Prism Test Results When anchor bolts embedded in the masonry prisms were tested in tension the boltsAnchor bolt diameter is specified by EcoSteel Length of embedment and anchorage details are by the foundation engineer For 3 4 1 and 1 1 4 bolt diameters a 3 projection minimum from the bottom of the baseplate is required The simplest – and strongest – form of anchor bolt is cast in place with its embedded end consisting of a standard hexagonal head bolt and washer 90 bend or some sort of forged or welded flange see also stud welding The last are used in concrete steel composite structures as shear connectors Other uses include anchoring machines to poured concrete floors and

ANCHOR BOLTS AND ATTACHMENT HARDWARE RELEASE DATE 6 09 04 TABLE OF CONTENTS ANCHOR BOLTS AND ATTACHMENT HARDWARE General Description P10 1 Submittal Data P10 2 KCAB Anchor Bolts Wedge Type Anchors P10 2 1 KUAB Anchor Bolts Undercut Anchors P10 2 2 TG Grommets Oversized Holes and Cushioned Anchorage 6 quot PROJECTION STANDARD 1 E SECTIONED VIEW 12 quot Gravel Bed A E 7 C DETAIL A TYPICAL ANCHOR LUG SS Lug Anchor Bolt Grout FIBERGLASS BRINER TYPICAL ORIENTATION 3300 E 19th Street Signal Hill CA 90755 800 998 7345 www BrineMaker com WHAT WE INCLUDE 183 4 quot Sch 40 304SS fully radiused salt fill line 183 6 quot 29 6 2020 nbsp 0183 32 Structural Bolt Stickout Maximum While the RCSC does not specify a maximum for bolt stickout there are risks to take into consideration If the threads extend too far beyond the nut there is a chance that the nut has reached the thread runout This could cause quite a alloy steel anchor bolts also known as anchor rods The anchor bolts are furnished in three strength grades two thread classes and in the sizes specified in Section 4 1 2 The anchor bolts are intended for anchoring structural supports to concrete foundations Such structural supports include building columns column supports for highway signs bolt projection allows bolts to be set an additional 1 2 inch lower than the minus 1 2 inch setting toler ance provided by the AISC Code of Standard Practice and still obtain full thread engagement 183 The steel fabricator details anchor bolts with the top of the bolt one bolt diameter above the top of the nut

The thread length required at the top of the anchor bolt must be sufficient to accommodate two nuts and about 189 of the anchor bolt diameter projecting above the top nut Normally a thread length is about three bolt diameters to provide some tolerance for errors in the elevation of the anchor bolt placement during construction 2 Existing anchor bolts MUST be sized to the proper projection heigh t as shown on the reverse side of these instructions Then anchor bolts shall be cleaned and if necessary coated with cold galvanizing material prior to installing Pole Safe couplings 3 Install lower flat washers and thread Pole Safe couplings on to an chor bolts 4 P Anchor bolt projection above concrete tg Thickness of grout tp Thickness of base plate d Diameter of anchor bolt The thread length required at the top of the anchor bolt must be sufficient to accommodate two nuts and about of the anchor bolt diameter projecting above the 8 If Bert anchor bolt plan and reactions are used they must be submitted with the order documents 9 Standard anchor bolt projection is 3 above the bottom of the baseplate grout thickness needs to be added to the projection where grout is used 10 IMPORTANT NOTE The Nucor Anchor Bolt Setting Plan MUST be usedAnchor Bolt Projection Conduit by others Leveling Nuts Anchor Bolts Washers and Nuts Template Grade Typical Installation In Cement In Earth Template Orientation Longitudinal Reference Line Keep parallel to street or walkway 5 Bolt Diameter Clear Area For Conduit 3K Dia Ref Template Anchor Bolt Projection

Typical Projection Anchor Bolt D 6 quot Size Type Name Bar STR 4 8 Length CIR 12 6 quot V1 C 465 x L cu yds Volume Conc Same as Base Plate Template Anchor Bolt Lock Plate MIN 1 S ITS amp SU ITS Signals Signal Design Section Eastern Region M Sheets 2016 2014 Sig M7 Std Construction Details Strain Poles dgn rnzinser 11 OCT 2017 08 Anchorbolts shall straddle main axes and shall be equally spaced Projection anchorbolts is given from top of concrete Projection of electrical conduits shall be 100mm Diameter of bends in conduits shall be as follows 1 Screw or push the anchor sleeve onto the anchor bolt to the level required Fix the sleeve in place to achieve the desired amount of threaded projection required 2 Insert sleeved bolt into template and fix it in place for concrete pour Often a nut is used to hang the anchor bolts from a template Keep in mind that the top of the sleeve Grout clearances overlength allowances on bolt projections and bolt clearances in base plate holes should be sufficient to allow for bolts that are out of tolerance and inaccurate levels of concrete generally Anchor Bolts should be within 3 mm of their required position and the top of concrete and bolts should be within 5 mm of their required level The anchor bolt edge distance l be is measured in the direction of the applied load from the center of the anchor bolt to the edge of the masonry When the projected areas of adjacent anchor bolts overlap the portion of the overlapping area is reduced by one half for calculating A pt or A pv as shown in Figure 3 Any portion of the projected area that falls within an open cell

29 6 2020 nbsp 0183 32 Anchor Bolt Length Chart November 7 2017 By Birmingham Fastener This chart is available for referencing bent anchor bolt lengths All sizes are in inches For a printable version of our chart download our Anchor Bolt Length Chart PDF To learn more about anchor bolts check out our blog on their types and uses Anchor Fastening Technical Guide 1 0 Introduction 4 Hilti Inc US 1 800 879 8000 www us hilti com I en espa 241 ol 1 800 879 5000 I Hilti Canada Corp 1 800 363 4458 I www hilti ca I Anchor Fastening Technical Guide 2011 1 1 A bout Published Load Values The Anchor Fastening Technical Guide is intended to We passionately create enthusiastic Assy Typical Anchor EF 03 22 2021 PROJECTION AM 201 RICAINE Standardized Anchor Bolt HEX NUTS GRADE A ASTM A563 see table on page 2 for qty WASHERS TYPE A GRADE 2 ASTM A307 see table on page 2 for qty 216 216 L H table on page 2 R Washer OD and Thickness see LT R 201 V DESCRIPTION DATE PAR BY 1 Added quot W quot in table on page 2 2021 03 24 EFSpecifying anchor bolts with extra bolt projection will help for anchor bolts set too low The extra projection will also prevent the problem of nuts that do not have fiall thread engagement I f a fi ll nut cannot be obtained there are methods to extend the bolt length Specifying A36 bolt material allows welding a stub onto the low bolt Title Guide to Design of Anchors Bolts and other Steel embedments pdf Author Administrator Created Date 10 6 2010 8 32 48 AM