2020 6 6 nbsp 0183 32 Understanding mobile home tie down requirements So now you get the idea behind the importance of mobile home tie down requirements Let s look at what these requirements are and how to implement them Follow manufacturer guidelines When a mobile home is Outline utilities Because some anchors need to be driven at least 5 feet into the soil for best results it s important to find out where the water gas and electrical lines are coming into the mobile home unit Mark out each line and ensure you re not driving an anchor into the ground where you may strike one 2018 8 20 nbsp 0183 32 Step 3 Next you need to add an ID on the header you want your anchor link to jump to To do this you ll need to switch over to the text view HTML in the WordPress editor On the header in this case an H2 header add the ID along with the anchor name you chose in step 2 The anchor name and ID attribute have to be exactly the same for 2015 5 21 nbsp 0183 32 Mobile Home Tie Downs are extremely Important for your family s safety if you live in a mobile home There s a big difference in the strength of modern mobile homes vs older mobile homes New mobile homes are much stronger and are built to handle much higher Tie downs are systems of heavy duty straps and anchors designed to stabilize manufactured homes also known as mobile homes during high winds Failure to properly install and maintain tie downs results in reduced capacity to resist sliding and overturning Manufactured homes are more easily flipped or damaged during windstorms than site built

New anchors will be Installed to meet your current codes for mobile homes Longitudinal stabilizers are installed to protect your mobile home in high winds All work performed by UnderHome Armor is guaranteed to meet local and State Codes Tighten anchorA Durable metal mobile home skirting applications start with a solid support system as demonstrated photo A Treated 2 x 4 boards were used along the base of the frame Untreated pine 2 x 4 boards have been used for the upright supports and the top edge which is secured to the bottom of the home To anchor the frame 24 rebar 2010 8 14 nbsp 0183 32 A tie down anchor is instrumental when setting up a new mobile home or building a shed a carport or some other building They are used to securely hold a building or some other item to the ground in the event of a strong wind They also keep items level and firm Mobile home piers amp stabilizers How to install inspect repair manufactured or mobile home piers stabilizers tiedowns Common mobile home structural defects Piers stabilizers and tie down for mobile homes trailers double wides multi wide connections 2016 11 8 nbsp 0183 32 Building affordable quality homes since 1956 as one of America s leading home builders Come discover our selection of mobile modular and manufactured homes today Part of your manufactured home building and placement process is installing systems in your

8 Mobile Anchor Points To Use When Working at Height Falls remain the number one killer in Construction Try as we might we seem to have difficulty changing that fact The overwhelming majority of fall fatalities occur because the worker was either not provided with proper fall protection was not trained in its use or chose not to use it Position anchor at a slight back angle 10˚ so that when fully installed the anchor head will be inside any skirting or side wall Install anchor to 2 3 depth then install stabilizer vertically within 3 4 of anchor shaft parallel to wall of home Fully drive anchor attach strap see proper strap tension and pretension strap Double 4 quot disc earth anchor with double fastening and tensioning head for use with straps Designed to be augered into extremely hard soil where 6 quot disc anchor will not suffice HP Anchor 30 quot L 3 4 quot shaft 120004 11 79 Anchor 48 quot L 3 4 quot shaft 120011 Tie Down Engineering anchor parts and tools for mobile homes J Hook Concrete Anchors are for use in wet cement and are designed to be used at the time the concrete is poured These anchors come with a 5 8″ thick rod and a swivel head to allow for the correct alignment Mobile home straps help to prevent high winds from dislocating your mobile home which can cause damage injury and loss of life Mobile home straps are secured to specially designed anchors which are driven into the ground thereby anchoring the

Tie down and anchor installation Installing a tie down and anchoring system is not too complicated for most do it yourselfers It s wise however to seek experienced help to make sure you are using the proper anchor for your soil conditions enough anchors for your wind conditions the correct tension on your tie down and proper angle for your frame tie downs 2013 4 30 nbsp 0183 32 The weight of the home is equally disbursed by the stanchions located under all floor and weight load areas of the home 7 Lags and bolts are used to mate the floor and ceiling sections as prescribed by the installation manual 8 The floor is leveled using a water level adjusted by screwing jacks attached to the piers or blocks 5 ANCHOR CHART Soil Class amp Recommended Part ID Test Values in lbs Anchor Stabilizers Black Galvanized 30 in Cross Drive Rock Anchor4b 59110N A276 to 350 48 in Cross Drive Rock AnchorBlue 59111N A 30 in x 5 8 in rod 2 4 in helix 5909059078 To install follow these instructions 1 Drill a 5 16″ hole 2 Squeeze the clips together and push into the hole 3 Then with the enclosed rod or nail pop the anchor open inside the wall 4 Insert the 8 x 1 1 4 enclosed screw to hang your item You can find mobile home specificthin wall anchors also known as hollow door anchors hollow 2021 10 21 nbsp 0183 32 when you re wiring a new house you ll need to install the appropriate wire for each purpose Cabling refers to low voltage cables that provide utilities like TV phone and internet service to a home Usually they re coaxial or ethernet cables It s also a good

2021 12 23 nbsp 0183 32 To install the anchor drill a hole in the wall that s deeper than the anchor is long then slide the expansion anchor into the hole Finish by screwing the support screw into the anchor but remember to leave enough of the screw exposed to hang your picture frame on Anchors for mobile and manufactured homes are in stock and available for purchase from Compton Products Company Visit our site to browse our selection of anchor systems orINSTALLATION OF MANUFACTURED HOMES CHAPTER 0780 2 5 Rule 0780 2 5 03 continued May 2004 Revised 3 displacing the anchor more than four 4 inches horizontally at the point where the tie attaches to the anchor 3 Within sixty 60 days2016 11 8 nbsp 0183 32 Building affordable quality homes since 1956 as one of America s leading home builders Come discover our selection of mobile modular and manufactured homes today Part of your manufactured home building and placement process is installing systems in yourMobile home anchors are essential to keeping your mobile home in place Don t risk major structural damage during inclement weather protect your home with the mobile home anchors from Mobile Home Parts Store Click below to find the mobile home anchor