29 10 2014 nbsp 0183 32 Both A307 and F1554 grade 36 bolts are frequently manufactured using A36 steel ASTM A307 is a specification that covers mild steel bolts There are two grades within the ASTM specification A307 grade A covers bolts for general applications while A307 grade B covers heavy hex bolts and studs for cast iron flanges ASTM F1554 Grade 36 threaded rod and anchor bolts ASTM F1554 17e1 ASTM F1554 is a Standard Specification for Anchor Bolts Steel 36 55 and 105 ksi Yield Strength Anchor bolts are a kind of fastener that can be primarily used to connect structural as well as non structural components to concrete Color codes for painting the ends of F1554 Graded rods Grade 36 Blue Grade 55 Yellow Grade 105 Red All Thread Rod amp All Thread Stud Materials When galvanizing high strength studs such as B7 amp F1554 105 caution should be used F1554 Grade 55 Grade 55 anchor bolts are mild steel bolts providing a minimum yield strength of 55 ksi Like Grade 36 they can be ordered as hot dip galvanized mechanically galvanized or a plain black finish While F1554 does not require Grade 55 to be weldable all steel used to make F1554 Grade 55 anchor bolts at A amp M Nut amp Bolt meets There are three grade classifications contained in the F1554 specification grade 36 grade 55 and grade 105 Q Can I weld to a F1554 anchor bolt A The answer is dependent upon the grade of the anchor bolt Grade 36 Yes Grade 55 You can only be sure of welding compatibility if the grade 55 anchor bolt is supplied with the quot S1

Anchor Bolts Steel 36 55 and 105 ksi Yield Strength1 This standard is issued under the fixed designation F1554 the number immediately following the designation indicates the year of original adoption or in the case of revision the year of last revision ASTM F1554 Anchor Bolts Grade 105 The ASTM specification specifies these grade by their yield strength Therefore a grade 36 anchor bolt has a yield strength of 36ksi a grade 55 anchor bolt has a yield strength of 55ksi and a grade 105 anchor bolt has a yield strength of 105ksi Yield strength is the amount of force that causes the metal to Hot Dipped Galvanized A36 L Anchor Bolt and custom large F1554 Grade 36 Anchor Bolts manufacturer in India ASTM A36 Bolts is a kind of fastener which is used to attach two parts together It join the part non permanently i e the parts can be separated from each other by using a suitable instruments Anchor Bolts ASTM F1554 Gr 36 SUBMITTAL SPECIFICATIONS Abstract of ASTM F1554 07A Material Grade Low Carbon 36 KSI Yield F1554 36 Chemical Requirements SIZE IN INCHES Carbon Manganese Phosphorus Max Sulfur Max Copper Min When Specified Up to 3 4 0 26 0 04 0 05 0 20 Over 3 4 Technical Specification Bolt Specifications ASTM F1554 Anchor bolt designed to anchor structural supports to concrete foundations F1554 Grades F1554 Grade 36 Lowcarbon 36 ksi yield steel anchor bolts F1554Grade 55 Highstrength low alloys 55 ksi yield steel anchor bolts F1554Grade 105 Alloy heat treated high strength 105 ksi yield steel anchor bolts F1554

F1554 Grade 36 is a weldable grade of anchor bolt If F1554 Grade 55 meets the supplement 1 requirements for ASTM F1554 then it is weldable Since F1554 Grade 105 is a high strength alloy steel bolt that generates its strength through the heat treating process welding to this grade of anchor bolt should be avoided 1A anchor bolts with Class 1A threads 2A anchor bolts with Class 2A threads A When Grade 36 is specified a weldable Grade 55 may be furnished at the supplier s option 4 2 Weldable steel for Grade 55 is provided for in Supple mentary Requirement SI 5 Ordering Information 5 1 Orders for anchor bolts should include the following information F1554 anchor bolts can take the form of either headed bolts straight rods or bent anchor bolts The three grades 36 55 and 105 designate the minimum yield strength ksi of the anchor bolt The bolts can be either cut or roll threaded and a weldable grade 55 can be substituted for grade 36 at the supplier s option Color coding on the end For this reason ASTM F1554 Grade 36 Anchor Bolt is not recommended for service in the 600 Degree – 1200 Degree F 315 Degree – 650 Degree C range In all environments when temperatures above 600 Degree F 315 Degree C are involved the preferred material is ASME SF 1554 Grade 36 Alloy 20 Bolt ASTM Specifications F1554 ASTM F1554 was developed to specifically cover anchor bolts and is the most widely used specification for this application This specification includes 3 grades of anchor bolts including grade 36 55 and 105 The grade corresponds to the minimum yield strength of the anchor bolt A307

3 4 X 16 quot Concrete Anchor Bolt F1554 Grade 36 Item 75N1600CABj CNB 45611 Price Add to Cart 13 63 Each Buy Specifications Diameter 3 4 quot Thread Count or Pitch None Length 16 quot Material F1554 Grade 36 Pending Reviews Customers Also Bought 3 4 10 Heavy Hex Nut Item 75CNHH CNB 29282 0 ASTM F1554 is a standard material specification for straight bent headed headless anchor bolts and all thread anchor rods made of carbon medium carbon boron alloy or high strength low alloy steel ASTM F1554 covers anchors bolts in grade 36 55 and 105 each designated with minimum ksi strength value used for structural and concrete anchoring Anchor Bolts for a Secure World Comments on F1554 Grade 36 Bent Anchor Bolts With Nuts On Concrete ASTM F1554 grade 36 anchors bolts are designated with minimum yield strength value of 36 ksi or 248 MPa These grade 36 anchors bolts or anchor rods are intended for anchoring structural supports to concrete foundations F1554 anchor bolts can be either headed bolts straight rods or bent anchor bolts The three grades 36 55 and 105 designate the minimum yield strength ksi of the anchor bolt The bolts can be either cut or roll threaded and a weldable grade 55 can be substituted for grade 36 at the supplier s option

1 2 quot x15 quot w 4 quot Thread Bent F1554 Grade 36 Anchor Bolts Made in America and ship in 1 2 business days Available in Plain and Galvanized Anchor Bolt Express29 3 2007 nbsp 0183 32 I am having trouble finding how to design an F1554 anchor bolt about 18 quot long for tension and shear There is plenty of info for A325 and A490 bolts in Section J3 7 of the LRFD but nothing for F1554 and according to the AISC April 2002 MSC Steel Quiz F1554 is the appropriate grade for anchor bolts gt 9 5 quot long NOT A325 or A490 F1554 anchor bolts are commonly used during civil construction for commercial and industrial projects Applications include light amp metal poles commercial buildings amp anchoring structural steel to foundations Color coding anchor bolts with Blue Gr 36 Yellow Gr 55 and Red Gr 105 allows for easy identification Add to Cart 1 8 X 31 quot Full Thread Stud F1554 Grade 55 Item 100C3100RFTr CNB 93685 54 23 Each Buy 50C2400RFTj 1 2 13 X 24 quot FULL THREAD STUD F1554 GR 36 PLAIN Grade 36 This grade of F1554 is manufactured from A36 round bar which is a low carbon steel These anchor bolts are standard run of the mill anchor bolts which cover a range of diameters from 1 4″ through 4 In August of 2007 F1554 Grade 36 replaced ASTM A307 Grade C which also covered low carbon mild steel anchor bolts