Projections on the base concentrate the weld and provide room for heat to dissipate Aligning Weld Nuts Threads float inside the retainer so you can install a Choose from our selection of steel hex weld nuts metric steel hex weld nuts square weld nuts and more In stock and ready to ship Threads float inside the retainer of these metric nuts so you can install a bolt at a slight angle to align with off center parts Metric Nuts The Westfield Fasteners range of metric nuts is presented below These are designed to be used in conjunction with the equivalent sized metric bolts screws and washers Care must be taken when selecting the correct nut to purchase as we offer left handed thread and fine pitch variants as well as various materials and finishes Browse and buy Self Colour Metric Hex Bolts from Bolts co uk Free next day delivery available for orders over 163 60 Buy Now A hexagon bolt or hex bolt to give it its more common name is a threaded bolt with a plain shank and hexagon shaped head Metric is the Expansion Bolt Bolt dia meter mm Outside diameter of anchor mm Anchor length mm Thickness of fixture Max mm Drill hole diameter mm depth of drill hole Min mm Embed ment depth mm Required setting torque Nm Thickness of concrete member min

Diameter mm Course Thread Pitch mm Fine Thread Pitch mm M1 0 25 0 2 M1 2 0 25 0 2 M1 4 0 3 0 2 M1 6 0 35 0 2 M1 8 0 35 0 2 M2 0 4 0 25 M2 5 0 45 0 35 M3 0 5 0 35 M3 5 0 6 0 35 M4 0 7 0 5 M5 0 8 0 5 M6 1 0 75 M7 1 0 75 M8 1 25 1 or 0 75 M10 1 5 1 25Hexagon Set Screws – similar to a bolt but the whole of the shank is threaded Coach Bolts – a type of bolt with a round head that has a square underside Roofing Bolts – a mushroom headed bolt traditionally used to secure roofing sheets Hook and Eye Bolts – generally longer bolts with a either a folded hook or eye at the top Before buying the anchor bolts it s important that you know at least a few things about the cement that you will be drilling into and anchoring from Understanding the composition of the concrete can help you to plan out which anchor bolts to use and also how you will drill the holes for the anchors to be set in From that point to the tip is the length of the screw Self drilling screws are measured all the way to the end of the drill point tip If you have questions about the screw size you need contact the Fastener SuperStore at 866 688 2500 or via online chat at www fastenersuperstore com Download the Guide NOM DIA PITCH mm DIAMETER mm DIAMETER inch NUT Size M10 1 5 10 0 3937 17 M12 1 75 12 0 4724 19 M14 2 14 0 5512 22 M16 2 16 0 6299 24 M18 2 5 18 0 7087 27 M20 2 5 20 0 7874 30 M22 2 5 22 0 8661 32 M24 3 24 0 9449 36 M27 3 27 1 063 41

Bolt Diameter mm Standard Thread Length mm Bolts 125mm and shorter Bolts longer than 125mm 3 12 4 14 5 16 22 6 18 24 7 20 26 8 22 28 10 26 32 12 30 36 14 34 40 16 38 44 18 42 48 20 46 52 Important note Some bolts may vary from the standard24 5 mm 25mm 25 8 mm 26mm 26 2 mm 26 7 mm 27 mm 27 5mm 28mm 28 3 mm 30mm 31 mm 31 2 mm 31 7 mm 32 mm 33mm 34mm 35mm 36mm 36 7 mm 37mm 37 5mm 38 mm 38 3 mm 39mm 40mm 41 mm 41 7 mm 42 mm 43mm 44 2 mm 44 5 mmHere at Orbital Fasteners we have a wide range of Anchor fixings for heavy duty tasks From Rawl Through Bolt Fixings and Rawl Wedge Anchor Fixings we offer an in depth variety here Our Rawl Through Bolts are available in stainless steel and steel as our range of bright zinc has developed to suit the changing market and demand 00 ₹4 000 00 ICFS Nut amp Bolt Set Chemical Anchor Bolt Steel Pack of 10 FOR USE IN INJECTION OR GLASS CAPSULES IN MASONRY OR CONCRETE 16 X 165 mm Quick look price ₹3 496 00 Zinc Plated Bolt Anchors Wedge Type Fully Threaded Design Heavy Duty Expansion Anchor Bolts In Variable Sizes 100 10M x 100MM Self Drilling Drywall Anchors Quick install plastic anchors used in drywall with sheet metal screws Wood Screw Anchors This anchor is made of lead and can be used with wood screws or sheet metal screws Hollow Wall Anchors A k a Molly Bolts Used for

The characteristics for an M12 bolt assembly have been defined as these bolt assemblies are available in the market Designation of high strength Property Class 8 8 bolt assemblies has not changed from the previous version of AS NZS 1252 AS NZS 1252 1Screws and bolts for the handy DIYer If youre a DIY master or novice and you need to get a job done youre going to need bolts and screws On eBay you can find a large selection of bolts screws and nuts Be aware that some people often confuse bolts with DIN 671 h9 Drill Rod Pins Keys DIN 7 A1 h8 Dowel Pin DIN 6880 1 4571 Key Stock Eye Bolts DIN 580 A2 Lifting Eye Bolt Close Brass Bronze Brass DIN 933 ISO 4017 Hex Cap Screw Fully Threaded DIN 125 ISO 7089 7090 Flat Washer DIN 934 Hex NutSpiralock 174 is one of three Optia 174 anti vibration technologies By adding a 30 176 wedge ramp at the root of the internal thread Spiralock 174 has engineered a simple yet effective way to transform a traditional threaded joint into a safer and more reliable element This remarkable design provides exceptional resistance to vibration loosening One of the most popular uses for Timberlok screws is fixing timber sleepers together We stock the Timberlok screw in hexagon head the TIMco Index screw in hexagon amp wafer head and the Carpenters Mate in hexagon and flat head options The TIMco In Dex screw is also available in A4 marine grade stainless steel for enhanced corrosion resistance

SNAPTOGGLE heavy duty toggle bolts carry twice the load in a smaller hole than standard wing anchors A patented strap design with sturdier straps and smaller ratchet interval adjusts more precisely and snaps off flush to the surface SNAPTOGGLE heavy duty toggle bolts do NOT spin when installed with a screw gun and provide superior holding 0 25 mm 0 3 mm 0 35 mm 0 4 mm 0 45 mm 0 5 mm 0 6 mm 0 7 mm 0 75 mm 0 8 mm 0 9 mm 1 mm 1 25 mm 1 5 mm 1 75 mm 2 mm 2 5 mm 3 mm 3 5 mm 4 mm 4 5 mm 5 mm For Use On For Use On Aluminum Brass Bronze Carbon Steel Copper Fiberglass RIVNUT 174 blind rivet nuts and studs offer versatile solutions for fastening resilient nut bolt threads to thin walled components They are very easy to process in all metal materials plastics and even in ceramic components The process is particularly safe since neither harmful steam or gases emit nor does a risk of burning exist Fastenal is the largest fastener distributor in North America Shop our huge selection of OEM MRO construction industrial and safety products Cookies are not used for the processing collection or storage of personal data under any circumstances If you would Choose from our selection of center drills including over 600 products in a wide range of styles and sizes In stock and ready to ship Fasten differently sized screws with these sets They save you the effort of switching three separate bits in and out of a power tool instead letting you flip between a countersinking drill and a screwdriver bit with a single hand