2020 3 27 nbsp 0183 32 Metric Bolts Maximum Torque in foot pounds for clean dry threads Check your Shop Manual Bolt size Low Grade Grade 8 8 8mm 2020 7 23 nbsp 0183 32 I have a question on torque to yield bolts This isn t specific to the M5 but I know there are a lot of knowledgeable people here so I thought I would ask Now I understand the basics of torque to yield bolts there is plenty of info on them online The basic idea being that they are tightened Start studying Torque Lesson 2 Learn vocabulary terms and more with flashcards games and other study tools Home The pressure working against the bolt in a perpendicular direction 06 times tensile strength For a UTS bolt 3 8 Related questions QUESTION Where is the ELS on the 767 300 15 answers 2022 1 13 nbsp 0183 32 Working on laboratory elongation measurement and that will confirm elongation in stud and can use this in the field using UT measurement post torque Agree with dvd A full turn on a nut would move it along the bolt by 3 5mm and so a 2022 1 13 nbsp 0183 32 Hi All Quick question A supplier is proposing a joint with a torque of 350Nm and 120 degrees rotation What would the 120 Degree rotation equate to in torque or is there a simple equation be available Bolt is 10 9 grade and M30

2021 10 29 nbsp 0183 32 Insufficient torque When you apply exactly the right amount of fastening force you can rest assured that the bolt will transfer the hits as well as the load of the belt to the bulk of the engine which will absorb them This in turn will lead to incorrect belt tension and eventually to belt and or engine damage 2019 10 16 nbsp 0183 32 2017 Chevy Bolt EV Tech Section DIY And How To Torque question Jump to Latest Follow 1 3 of 3 Posts F freelosophy 183 Registered Joined Oct 16 2019 183 183 Posts Discussion Starter 183 1 183 10 mo ago I ve spend a bit of This article is about Steel Structure QC Questions related to topic of Steel Structure Bolt Tightening How Skidmore Wilhelm Tension Calibrator Works Calibrated Wrench Pre Tensioning Method and Direct Tension Indicators DTI s direct tension indicators are sometimes used instead of torque wrenches 2016 4 7 nbsp 0183 32 begingroup As elaboration and proof from your claim different threads will require the same torque but you will have to make more turns with a finer thread Since energy is torque times angle your statement violates conservation of energy because in the frictionless case it claims you can put different amounts of energy in yet get the same amount of energy 2016 4 7 nbsp 0183 32 That figure is about right for a low tensile bolt See also this calculator and this table As a reality check if we approximate to a cross sectional area of 7 mm 2 and a load of 1000 N that gives a tensile stress of 140 MPa which is below yield even for low tensile steels In this particular context where torque is known the thread pitch doesn t come into it as you are calculating

2008 2 7 nbsp 0183 32 Bolt Torque Questions SuperTopo s climbing discussion forum is the world s most popular community discussion forum for people who actively climb outdoors 2019 8 30 nbsp 0183 32 However once upon a time a man in a factory built the gearbox you are messing with and the tool set to drive in the bolt in question did so to a specific torque so a torque value does exist fact 2019 10 16 nbsp 0183 32 Torque question Jump to Latest Follow 1 3 of 3 Posts F freelosophy 183 Registered Joined Oct 16 2019 183 183 Posts Discussion Starter 183 1 183 10 mo ago I ve spend a We re the Largest Chevy Bolt EV Online Community and Owner s Club Join to discuss sport mode reviews battery range and charging 2022 2 25 nbsp 0183 32 SAE bolt grades indicate the strength of the bolt Each bolt grade has an ideal tightening torque for maximum clamping force without breaking Grade 2 bolts are cheap but not very strong grade 8 bolts are the strongest and most expensive and grade 5 bolts are the most common Refer to the charts to find the ideal tightening torque 23 Questions Show answers Question 1 SURVEY 900 seconds Q Find the magnitude of the torque produced by a 22 0 N force applied to a door at a 30 degree from the perpendicular distance of 005 km from the hinge answer choices

2019 8 3 nbsp 0183 32 relaxation of the system bolts gasket and flange to take place 6 Step 6 – Starting at bolt 1 again repeat Step 5 Continue tightening ALL fasteners until there is NO nut movement in a complete 360 degree pass This critical step ensures that the gasket stress has2015 4 1 nbsp 0183 32 Banjo Bolt Torque What are the torque specs for the banjo bolt on this setup Factory manual states around 29 foot pounds while many people state no more than 15 foot pounds or it will strip out the banjo bolt You are exactly right I m not sure where the 29ft lb s was deemed accurate but it will break most banjo bolts A construction worker is worried about applying too much torque to a bolt using his wrench What could he do to reduce his torque on the bolt answer choices Increase the length of the wrench Increase the force on wrench Reduce the length of the wrench Reduce the friction between the bolt and wrench Question 10 900 seconds Q 2020 10 9 nbsp 0183 32 I am planning on swapping out my Stock Lippert Pin Box with a Morryde Rubber Pin Box I called Grand Design Customer Service to find out what my existing bolt size is so I can torque them to Morryde s specs The bolt size is 5 8 11 but they could not tell me whether they were grade 5 zinc or grade 8 flange Grade 5 zinc is torqued to 135 ft lbs and Grade 8 Flange For bolt that are too short to test in the Skidmore Wilhelm Calibrator may tested in a steel joint The maximum torque requirements Torque ≤ 0 25 PD Torque measured torque foot pounds P measured bolt tension 1 15 times the fastener tension in

2015 5 1 nbsp 0183 32 However if you torque tighten two bolts with the same thread and both are either lubricated or not then in theory the clamping force would be the same but in practice the clamping force could vary between each bolt by as much as 40 because torque is not a very accurate way to control clamping force 2016 7 4 nbsp 0183 32 Frequently Asked Questions on Bolting Matters FAQ What is the best way to check the torque value on a bolt There are three basic methods for the checking of torques applied to bolts after their installation namely taking The torque required to get to that point is a good reference to the original torque used Questions If you have questions about how to calculate the tightening 2009 10 1 nbsp 0183 32 Bolt torque questions Jump to Latest Follow 1 1 of 1 Posts J Jughead 183 Registered Joined Jan 1 2003 183 152 Posts Discussion Starter 183 1 183 Jul 18 2004 Trying to find the torque specs for the Muncie to bellhousing bolts and the bellhousing to engine block 2022 2 21 nbsp 0183 32 You must use the correct torque when tightening bolts If you properly torque the bolts they will provide the maximum amount of clamping force under load If you under torque the bolts they can quickly come loose If you over torque them they are liable to break