Greenlee 84012 ANCHOR KIT CONICAL 10X1 84012 Plastic Conical Anchor Kit Anchor size 10 12 Screw type C Bit size 1 4 quot Light duty multi size anchor for use in concrete block tile and Use with sheet metal woodand lag screws Has collar for hollow materials Moisture and chemical resistant for indoor outdoor use Anchor kits include 100 anchors Screw Anchors Screw Bolt ™ 316 Stainless Steel Wedge Bolt™ UltraCon 174 UltraCon 174 UltraCon 174 SS4 Crete Flex 174 Aggre Gator 174 Tapper™ Tapper 174 Sleeve Anchors Power Bolt 174 Lok Bolt AS 174 Power Bolt 174 Bolt amp Shield Anchors Snake 174 Smart DI Anchors amp Accessories Steel Dropin™ Hollow Set Dropin™ Mini Undercut ™ Mini Dropin™ Double™ Single™ Lag These anchors fit a range of sheet metal and wood screw sizes since they form their own threads when installed To install fold the anchor in middle insert into a hole and tap flush Thread a screw through your fixture and into the anchor Extended length is the overall length of the anchor when folded in the middle Screw Anchors expand when a sheet metal screw wood screw or lag screw as noted and not supplied is installed Generally these are light duty anchors designed for use in one or more of the following materials concrete block stone mortar joints wallboard wood ceramic tile 6 X 1 1 4 quot Flat Head Phillips Sheet Metal Screws These Bright Zinc Plated Phillips head screws are designed to tap their own coarse thread in a metal surface that has a pre dilled pilot hole These Bright Zinc Plated Phillips head screws are designed to tap their own coarse thread in a metal surface that has a pre dilled pilot hole

Zinc Plated Metal Screw Hex Head With Steel And Neoprene Washer Self Tapping Thread Self Drilling Point Self drilling screw for roofs and ventilation systems Drive required Hex Finish Zinc Screw Size 8 Length 5 8 in See product Product № HNTZ858 Compare Nickel Metal Screw Flat Head Quadrex Drive Self Tapping Thread Type A Point Nickel plated self 10 X 2 1 2 quot Pan Head Phillips Sheet Metal Screws These Bright Zinc Plated Phillips head screws are designed to tap their own coarse thread in a metal surface that has a pre dilled pilot hole These Bright Zinc Plated Phillips head screws are designed to tap their own coarse thread in a metal surface that has a pre dilled pilot hole West Location 16409 111 Ave NW Edmonton AB T5M 2S2 South Location 9619 42 Ave NW Edmonton AB T6E 5R2 Call us at Toll Free 1 866 296 5460Hillman Sheet Metal Screw and Anchor Kit Item 210927 MFR 130201 Share Email Print Product Overview Content from the Manufacturer Sheet Metal Anchors Collected from the entire web and summarized to include only the most important parts of it Can be used as content for research and analysis Home Blog Pro Plans B2B solution Login Advanced searches left 3 3 Search only database of

Sheet Metal Fasteners Fastenright supply a large range of sheet metal fasteners which include rivet nuts studs weld studs and threaded fasteners Usually available from stock A number are available in self tapping forms eliminating the need for pre drilling They are simple to assemble and feature high strength and high vibration resistance Screw Anchors Zinc plated steel screw anchors hollow wall anchors for use in thin sectioned materials sheet metal fiberglass plastics composites etc where one surface is inaccessible The head and collapsible legs form a load bearing surface on both sides of the material Available in short and long grip versions Specifications Buy OnlineThe wide variety of fastener options include anchors bolts hardware nails nuts pins clips rivets rods screws sockets clamps hangers washers and more Fastenal Uses Cookies to Improve User Experience Cookies are not used for the processing collection or storage of personal data under any circumstances If you would like to prevent this website from using Some anchors have machine screw threads while others are designed to be used with wood screws sheet metal screws and or lag screws In these cases you will most likely need to supply the screw Some anchors are pre assembled with a screw or have a threaded stud Many anchors cannot be used for overhead applications Once installed removing the screw Sheet Metal Screws Socket Cap Screws Trim Screws Roofing Screws Screw Covers amp Protectors Category Building Materials Hardware Fasteners Screws Cabinet Screws 6 Cement Board Screws 6 Concrete Screws 185 Deck Screws 97 Drywall Screws 78 Gutter Screws 7 Lag Screws 2 Machine Screws 314 Roofing Screws 18 Screw Covers amp

FLAT HEAD SHEET METAL SCREWS 2 Phillips Drive Zinc Plated Steel Call Toll Free 1 866 327 2633 Mon Fri 8 30am 5 00pm EST FREE SHIPPING OVER 100 My Items Order by Part ReOrder Contact Account Cart 0 MENU Cart 0 Industry Deck amp Dock Fasteners Deck Screws Hot Dip Galvanized Fasteners Stainless Steel Fasteners Brand Name Items An anchor suitable for use with sheet metal screws and the like has particular utility in the making of repairs where an article is to be secured by a sheet metal screw in an oversized blind hole formed in a second article The anchor includes a washer like head having an opening for passage through the head of the shank of the screw An elongate laterally deflectable and Metal Anchors for Block and Use with any type of sheet metal or wood screw Wood Screw Threaded Metal Anchors for Block and Also known as lag shields these anchors are designed for use with large diameter wood screws Removable Bolt Anchors for Concrete Block and Hex Head Removable Bolt Anchors for Block and Brick2021 03 22 nbsp 0183 32 As you ve already experienced that this sheet metal is not capable of supporting the door closer forces centered at the 3 4 screws on the closer A piece of aluminum plate could be used to spread the load to 5 10 screws over a larger portion of the top of the door Then the closer could be screwed to the adapter plate Concrete Screw Anchors Ideal for attaching soft materials such as plastics and elastomers to a single thickness of sheet metal Powergrip 174 fasteners maintain the integrity of the soft material while providing resistance to strip out and loosening Features Individually engineered to meet the unique requirements of each application Specially designed shoulder designed to

Shop online with Wurth Canada for sleeve anchors wedge anchors drywall anchors screw anchors drop in anchors and more Shipping anywhere in Canada The Benefits of High Volume Flange Nut Sleeve Anchor sheet metal sleeve Progressive pressing die With progressive metal stamping ESI eliminates those hassles and inefficiencies A progressive stamping tool features a number of stations each with a unique function As strip metal feeds through a progressive stamping press unrolling steadily from a coil each station HUS HR 6 8 10 14 Concrete screw anchor ultimate Ultimate performance screw anchor for quicker permanent fastening in concrete A4 stainless steel hex head From 234 00 This light duty plastic anchor uses sheet metal screws and is best in drywall and plaster The ribbed design helps prevent spinning and the anchor is designed to expand and hold to a greater degree than a standard conical anchor Each size can use a range of 2 screw diameters Standard This light duty plastic anchor is used with sheet metal screws in block Pressure body Rivetting tool Sheet metal E N Outside diameter of rivet tool Ei N Cone diameter of rivet tool Installation Punch lasing or drill hole insert anchor and rivet the shank with a simple riveting tool Fig 3 2 manually using a simple press by inserting Anchor 174 and rivetting using a tumble or radial riveting process automatic feed in follow on tools to