Anchoring Expanding Plate Anchor Rod amp Extension Brand CHANCE Utility 60 Show More Show Less Eyenut Style Ovaleye 2 Thimbleye 16 Tripleye 16 Twineye 21 Show More Show Less Length 24 000 4 36 000 4 60 000 2 72 000 10 84 000 8 96 000 12 5 10 Attach anchor to 3 4 quot Expanding Anchor Rod Lower anchor assembly into pole hole beside the butt of pole and bust anchor open with the Expanding Tamping bar NOTE If desired a second pole key anchor may be used at the top ground level of the hole on9 列 nbsp 0183 32 Expanding Bust Anchors are made for installation in holes augured One piece formed anchor with wings and a base A retainer on the bottom holds the nut from the forged eye rod sold separately During installation a hole to the size listed on the table for the 2022 2 8 nbsp 0183 32 These bolts anchor in materials that do not allow for reliable thread formation such as concrete and the like While similar in concept to nail in anchors with expanding nylon sleeves expansion bolts are used in heavy duty applications such as Anchor Expanding Category Utility Products Overhead Products Anchors Anchors Expanding Type Products related to P8135 8 Way Exp Anch 5 8

The CONFAST 174 Single Expansion Anchor is a rust resistant type masonry anchor for use in concrete or block All seven diameters are in stock Orders ship same business day they are received Every order over 25 00 qualifies for free freight Made from a rust resistant material Anchor size M16 M20 M24 Eff Anchorage depth h ef mm h ef 1 h ef 2 h ef 3 h ef 1 h ef 2 h ef 3 h ef 1 h ef 2 h ef 3 100 125 150 125 155 185 150 180 210 a HSL 3 SH and HSL 3 SK only available in sizes M8 M12 b HSL 3 SH and HSL 3 SK can NAnchoring Expanding Plate Anchor Rod amp Extension Expanding Plate Anchor Rod amp Extension Brand CHANCE Utility 60 Show More Show Less Eyenut Style Ovaleye 2 Thimbleye 16 Tripleye 16 Twineye 21 Show More Show Less Length 24 000 4 36 000 4 2 Expanding Anchor Ultimate Load Capacity Table metric Note Anchor load capacity may be limited by the rod rating Installing procedures and embedment depth must be followed to assure the anchor load capacity Order rod separately Rod ratings are 1 6 1 If the anchors are installed too close together it can cause an interaction of the forces thus reducing the holding power As a rule of thumb the expansion anchor industry has established a minimum standard of ten 10 anchor diameters for spacing between anchors and five 5 anchor diameters from an unsupported edge

EXPANDING ANCHOR AND PLUG WITH AN EXHAUST PASSAGE Filed Aug l0 1956 5 Sheets Sheet 3 42 Inventor Joseph f Shields United States Patent O EXPANDING ANCHOR AND PLUG WITH AN EXHAUST PASSAGE Joseph H Shields WilmetteEasy Install Threaded Anchors for Concrete Install like a stud anchor just thread the anchor a nut and a washer onto the end of a threaded rod drive into a hole and turn the nut to expand the base Also known as rod anchors they re often used with threaded rod to Anchor size M6 M8 M10 M12 M16 M20 Dimension s mm 10 13 17 19 24 30 Dimension e mm 11 05 14 38 18 90 21 10 26 75 32 95 Thickness m mm 5 6 5 8 10 13 16 Product marking and identification of anchor Material code forTypeThis is very useful if you want to put an anchor link in your navigation or if you want to add an anchor link to a Button Element Add the following to your website head Make Anchor Links Always Open in Same Window Expanding JimdoWall anchors work either by expanding outwards against the hole in which they fit or by clamping against the back of the wallboard In either case a wall anchor has to open to exert its holding power Anchors are designed to open automatically but they sometimes need help or simply fail to open altogether

The Taper Bolt 174 concrete anchor is a two component expansion type unit offering high strength and a finished head style It consists of a Grade 5 bolt with special threads on a tapered end and a matching thread two part expander nut When inserted into a drilled Expanding Anchor Hole Size 8 Inch Area 135 Square Inch Rod Diameter 5 8 or 3 4 Inch Also known as 096359075516 88135 Documents Cut Sheet Frequently Bought Together 11 A B Chance 5317 Thimbleye BRST DIRECT ITEM BRST DIRECT The double anchor is a type anchor that requires a bolt that is sold separately and works to expand the anchor once it is placed in the hole The CONFAST 174 double anchor works well in base material that is suspect in terms of its quality i e soft or Expanding anchors are made for installation in holes augered by power drills One piece formed anchor with wings and a base A retainer on the bottom holds the nut from the forged eye rod The Expanding Anchor is 8 quot wide and will fit a 5 8 quot or 3 4 quot double or Expanding Anchors Exceptional Grip expanding anchor suitable for use in and concrete The thick walls of the expanders give the anchor exceptional grip and allow it to cater for oversized holes caused by powerful drills in weaker material such as brickwork

Double Expansion Shield Our corrosion resistant Double Expansion Shield anchor is recommended for anchoring into base materials of questionable strength The expansion cones at each end of the anchor are draw in as the machine bolt is tightened ensuring a consistent and even expansion along the entire anchor Orders received before 2 00pm EST A further object of the present invention is to provide a relatively short screw anchor which is so shaped as to insure collapsing in a radially outward direction with Sta e a minimum amount of torque applied to the expanding screw To learn more about these and other innovative products call 800 237 0169 or visit ConMed com Y KNOT 174 RC ALL SUTURE ANCHOR POPLOK 174 KNOTLESS ANCHOR GENESYS CROSSFT SUTURE ANCHOR TenoLok TM Dual Expanding TenodesisDrop In Anchors amp Coil Thread Drop In Anchors – Internally threaded expansion shell anchors Drop In Anchors are internally threaded deformation controlled expansion anchors with a pre assembled expander plug suitable for flush mount applications in solid base materials The anchor is set by driving the expansion plug towards the bottom of the anchor using the setting tool Expanding Anchor for 8 203 mm Hole used with 0 625 15 9 mm or 0 75 19 1 mm Diameter Rod Chance Bust Expanding Anchors expand to take full advantage of the eight blade wedges to expand into undisturbed soil Painted with black paint