2021 03 09 nbsp 0183 32 A rule of thumb is that an anchor should generally have a minimum of 12x the diameter of anchor spacing to an adjacent anchor or to any concrete edge check with manufacturer specifications for your use for the actual values to be used Also the concrete should have a minimum thickness of 1 5x the depth of embedment of the anchor Minimum spacing distance1 Critical edge distance1 Maximum impact wrench power torque Impa c twr enh sok iz Head height in 7 32 21 64 7 16 1 2 19 32 1 For installations through the soffit of steel deck into concrete see the installation detail Anchors in the lower flute may be installed with a maximum 1 inch offset in either direction2021 03 08 nbsp 0183 32 Anchor Bolt Holes Hole sizes for steel to steel structural connections are not the same as hole sizes for steel to concrete anchorage applications In the case of steel to steel connections the parts are made in a shop under good quality control so standard holes bolt diameter plus 1 16″ oversized holes bolt diameter plus 3 16″ and short and long slotted Concrete strength f c ksi Anchor Bolt Data Anchor Bolt Edge Distance PIP STE05121 Anchor bolt edge distance c 1 c 1 in 4 50 OK Page A 1 Table 1 Anchor bolt edge distance c 2 c 2 in 4 50 OK Anchor bolt edge distance c 3 c 3 in 4 50 OK Anchor bolt edge distance c 4 c 4 in 4 50 OK Column Depth Column depth in X axis direction d x in Column depth in Y Tests were conducted to determine the effect of edge distance on bearing capacity in a bolted connection More specifically these tests were conducted to determine whether or not a discontinuous increase in bearing capacity occurs when end distance reaches one and one half times the diameter of the bolt in the connection Such a discontinuity exists in design

Minimum Anchor Edge Distance HILTI literature states that the minimum edge distance for a 3 4 quot diameter anchor rod such as a HIT Z is 3 3 4 quot I have been asked by a contractor if he can install a 3 4 quot anchor rod with adhesive system at a edge distance of 3 1 2 quot and if so the reduction in strength capacity this would entail 2020 05 12 nbsp 0183 32 Concrete breakout It assumes a failure forming a concrete cone based on a prism angle of 35 degrees This predicts the strength of a group of anchors by using a basic equation for a single anchor Nb and multiplied by factors that account for the number of anchors edge distance spacing eccentricity etc It should be noted that the eccentricity factor was 2017 3 6 nbsp 0183 32 Design of Anchor Reinforcement in Concrete Pedestals Widianto Chandu Patel and Jerry Owen to satisfy the required minimum edge distance for cast in headed anchors that will be torqued the minimum edge distance of 2011 09 22 nbsp 0183 32 Anchor bolt edge distance 1 75 inches or 2 75 inches dependent upon sill plate Testing protocol monotonic versus pseudo cyclic Wood concrete interface condition friction versus frictionless membrane To properly generate test data for the purpose of assessing behavior a new displacement based loading protocol was developed Using data from an initial Anchors PERFORMANCE TABLE Edge and spacing distance shall be divided by 75 when anchors are placed in structural lightweight concrete Linear interpolation may be used for intermediate spacing and edge distances For 5 8 and 3 4 LDT Anchors the critical edge distance for these anchors is 10 times the anchor diameter The edge distance

2008 10 24 nbsp 0183 32 That still seems low for 208 of edge distance You need 269 quot 22 4 of edge distance just to develop the strength of the anchors which is 106k RE Edge Distance for Concrete anchors StruKturdg Structural 24 Oct 08 16 08 What if you have a drilled pier or pedastal that has ties spaced close at the top Concrete strength f c MPa Anchor Bolt Data Anchor Bolt Edge Distance PIP STE05121 Anchor bolt edge distance c 1 c 1 mm 114 OK Page A 1 Table 1 Anchor bolt edge distance c 2 c 2 mm 114 OK Anchor bolt edge distance c 3 c 3 mm 114 OK Anchor bolt edge distance c 4 c 4 mm 114 OK Column Depth Column depth in X axis direction d x mm The anchor bolt edge distance l be is measured in the direction of the applied load from the center of the anchor bolt to the edge of the masonry When the projected areas of adjacent anchor bolts overlap the portion of the overlapping area is reduced by one half for calculating A pt or A pv as shown in Figure 3 Any portion of the projected area that falls within an open cell 2017 6 22 nbsp 0183 32 ca1 distance from the anchor center to the concrete edge in one direction in If shear is applied to the anchor ca1 is taken in the direction of applied shear If tension is applied to the anchor ca1 is the minimum edge distance OTHER D 2 – D 4 Loads with high fatigue or impact not covered D 2 4 6 Gap at Bolt Anchors e gt 7 Spacing Between Anchors t gt 8 Edge Distance w 9 Quality of Concrete h 10 Cracks in Concrete IJ 11 Essential Relays in Cabinetu 12 Base Stiffness amp Prying w 13 Base Strength amp Load Path w 14 Embedment Steel and Pads™ 15 Welds to Embedded Exposed Steel 1 V D M V D V D M V M D M V D M D M V D M V V V

THE INFLUENCE OF EDGE DISTANCE ON THE STRENGTH OF CONCRETE MASONRY EMBEDDED ANCHOR BOLTS Terence A Weigel 1 J P Mohsen 2 Andrew Schad 3 and Karl Erdmann 4 ABSTRACT An anchor bolt testing program currently is underway at the University of Louisvill e Its purpose is to quantify the effects of edge distance on the strength of anchor bolts 2017 10 02 nbsp 0183 32 Edge Distance Minimum Edge Distance The distance from the center of a standard hole to an edge of a connected part shall be not less than the applicable value from the table below Minimum Edge Distance in Center of Standard Holea to Edge of Connected Part Nominal Bolt Diameter in At Sheared Edges At Rolled 2021 3 9 nbsp 0183 32 When an anchor is installed into concrete there is an area surrounding the anchor called a cone of influence in which the anchor is affecting and it is affected by When two anchors are spaced too closely to one another and or too closely to an edge the anchor s cone of influence reduces or becomes interfered with 2008 10 24 nbsp 0183 32 If you say the concrete is not cracked and add supplemental reinforcing to this scenario you get 322 7k That still seems low for 208 of edge distance You need 269 quot 22 4 of edge distance just to develop the strength of the anchors which is 106k StruKturdg Structural 24 Oct 08 16 08Kwik Bolt TZ2 CS Wedge anchor Ultimate performance wedge anchor for cracked concrete and seismic increase in diameters and lengths to better provide the perfect sized anchor for the application Edge amp Spacing Reduced edge and spacing requirements to provide more design flexibility Utilize KB TZ2 wedge anchors in more applications than ever before Diamond cored

From a practical point of view the clear distance for anchor bolts or anchor bolt sleeves to the edge of the concrete shall be a minimum of 100 mm This clear distance is intended to prevent corrosion and to make sure that the anchor bolts are not in contact with the rebar cage 2011 4 22 nbsp 0183 32 Anchor bolts with 1 2 quot edge distance are unacceptable for both the concrete and the wood When dealing with the IBC reference Table 1911 2 The recommendations for The Simpson SSTB are only appropriate for that product Note that the SSTB has a greater cover at the bottom than at the top of the footing When setting anchor bolts in wet concrete cast in place anchor bolts are typically used Spacing can be marked on concrete forms with a pencil and tape measure prior to pouring the concrete Next nail anchor bolt holders to the concrete forms at the marked locations Screw the anchor bolts into the holders using a wrench Set them at the required height and depth Once all 2018 12 18 nbsp 0183 32 Anchor bolt distance from edge Last Post 18 Dec 2018 05 24 PM by arkie6 2 Replies Author Messages ICFconstruction Veteran Member Posts 1316 17 Dec 2018 01 46 PM Is there a code requirement for the concrete coverage over 1 2 quot anchor bolts Another words how close to the edge of the concrete on top of a wall Or would we just follow 1 2 quot rebar coverage distance the distance from the center of an expansion anchor bolt to an un supported edge of a concrete support of five anchor diameters to achieve 100 of the recommended anchor capacity In November 1985 Hilti revised its design and installation guidelines and recommended a greater edge distance than the EAMI guidelines These conservative