Crack Stix 174 125ft MEDIUM 1 2″ Black Permanent Asphalt Crack Filler is the only PERMANENT patented solution to blacktop or concrete cracks on the marketplace It is the same product seen on highways and roads but the only difference is YOU CAN APPLY IT and don t need a 200 gallon melter to do it Crack Stix 174 are furnished as a black or 2020 5 20 nbsp 0183 32 backer rod is a flexible rope that compresses to fill the gap giving the sealant something to cling to Use a putty knife to press it tightly into areas too narrow to push in with your fingers The backer rod should fill the gap and make contact with The joint size shouldn t exceed 189 wide by 189 deep If the joint depth exceeds 189 insert backer rod material into the joint before applying the sealant Can DAP 174 ALEX 174 acrylic latex caulks be used outside Yes DAP 174 ALEX 174 acrylic latex caulks can be used in both interior and exterior applications For exterior applications 2017 11 10 nbsp 0183 32 Armacell s FillPro™ backer rod material is made from polyethylene or polyurethane making it compatible with the common industry joint sealants or caulking Backer Rod s four main benefits Increase elasticity in the joint sealant Reduce caulk consumption by controlling sealant depth this prevents excessive use of caulking or sealant Asphalt Crack Backer Rod is designed for the purpose of quot Pre Filling quot cracks in asphalt or concrete that are deeper than 1 2 quot in depth where a sealant will be applied to the crack over the This reduces the amount of sealer needed and provides a longer lifespan of the sealants with minimal future maintenance

Backer rod is a closed cell rod available in different diameters Use backer rod for caulking repairs to render asphalt and timber Backer rod is used to fill the base of a crack before filling the crack with caulk it is made of closed cell similar to pipe lagging SAKRETE Backer Rod is an extruded round closed cell low density polyethylene backer rod with a skin like outer texture This product is highly flexible and compressible for easy installations It is a non absorptive back up material that can be inserted into07 91 23 – Backer Rods KOOL ROD – Backer Rod for Cold Applied Sealants 10 21 KOOL ROD SOFT – Soft Expandable Backer Rod for Cold Applied Sealants 6 18 CERA ROD – Non Gassing Heat Resistant Backer Rod 1 18 07 91 26 – Joint Fillers CONTROL JOINTS – Expansion Contraction Joint Fillers 8 17 07 92 13 – Elastomeric Joint Backer rod is a type of flexible used to back caulk or sealant when filling in joints and cracks in your construction The forces the caulk to form a tighter seal and reduces the amount needed to fill the void It also provides improved stability and durability helping ensure your work lasts At Lowe s you ll find the backer rod you need for a quality seal backer rod 2022 2 8 nbsp 0183 32 A backer rod is a small rod or cord that is used to fill joints between tiles or other pieces of building material Builders and contractors often use this tool initially in grooves or cracks and then they apply mortar sealant or chinking around it The rod adds stability precision and also typically save time

PRODUCTS gt ASPHALT PRODUCTS Asphalt Products Adhesive Pads Backer amp Hot Rod Cold Patch Crack Sealants Cold Applied Crack Sealants Made from material backer rods are small rods that are typically used as a method of filling joints and fissures as well as other sorts of crevices that occur in the construction of structures Construction professionals use these materials Backer Rod offers five distinct products for use in construction joints Denver 174 Titan Mile High 174 Mile High XL and Ultra Block 174 The type of backer rod used is governed by the type of sealant used plus environmental seismic and temperature requirements the asphalt pavement Backer Rod When sealing large cracks it is impor tant that the sealant does not drain to the bottom of the crack To prevent this sand or backer rods may be placed in the cracks before the placement of the sealant As seen in Figure 3 2019 4 19 nbsp 0183 32 While caulk alone can be applied to narrow cracks gaps wider than 1 4 should be filled with backer rod first Need a visual guide Watch the full vide

Asphalt Sealant Closed cell backer rod or bond breaker tape must be installed at the bottom or base of a dynamically working joint prior to sealant installation to prevent three sided adhesion Closed cell backer rod diameter should be larger i e typically up to 25 Backer Rod Grip Strip Snorkler Applications amp Projects Log Home Finishing Log Home Maintenance Log Home Restoration Learn Why Logs Ain t Wood Resources Discover a Better Way Find a Log Contractor Zero Failures Training For Retailers amp Dealers Marketing Toolbox Our Story Join Our Team Careers Our Culture Our Story Blog 800 767 5656 Where to Buy Chemically cross linked closed cell Backer Rod is High Temperature resistant to 410F Its used for hot pour rubber asphalt and thermo plastic sealants Resistant to gas oil and most solvents Commonly used in roadways runways and airplane Sika Backer Rod A 3 4 inch closed cell compressible backup material It is inserted into a joint to control sealant depth and to prevent 3 sided adhesion This low density polyethylene is ideal for glazing installations expansion joints window and door perimeters copings and pavement joints Resists oil and most other solvents Backer rod is an essential part of the package of materials you will need for expansion joint repair or expansion joint replacement Tips and Tricks to use Backer Rod 1 Always use a backer rod size just bigger than the crack or joint you are trying to repair 4

Open cell backer rod is commonly used in expansion and contraction joints window glazing curtain wall construction partitions precast concrete assemblies and copings parking decks and bridge construction It s compatible with virtually all known hot pour and cold applied sealant including silicone and rubber asphalt Backer rod and bond breaker tape are an integral component of a sealant joints and provide three main functions that allow the sealant joint to perform The backer rod most importantly acts as a bond breaker preventing what is commonly referred to as threesided adhesion backer rod is a backstop material for most hot pour sealants used to fill contraction and expansion joints of concrete highways runways driveways and parking lots It is compatible with most rubber asphalt and coal tar rubber polymer thermoplastic 40 ftW R MEADOWS provides two different types of backer rods CERA ROD and KOOL ROD Both are closed cell rods meaning they are dense and firm and intended for outdoors and heavy duty construction however one addresses hot application processes andShop Crack Sealants Hot Pour Backer Rod amp Miscellaneous Cera rod Cera rod Add to cart or call for pricing 800 594 0036 – Cincinnati OH or 800 397 1984 – Markham IL