Customer Service Tel 866 522 5464 Fax 201 438 7830 Contact Stephen at stephen cireco verizon net Contact Darren at dcireco hotmail com Dave Mercado at dmercado wbequipment com Simon Smart at ssmart wbequipment com Tel 866 522required to pull an anchor bolt out in either manner To calculate the Total Pull Out Strength of the entire machine multiply the force required to pull one bolt out times the total number of bolts When calculating Pull Out Strength it is assumed that 1 A clean 2 Page 1 of 87 Guide on Design of post installed anchor bolt systems in Hong Kong Dr S S H Cho and Ir Prof SL Chan Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering The Hong Kong Polytechnic University published by The Hong Kong Institute of SteelStandard Anchor Test System measures the pull strenght of anchors in concrete wood masonry and other construction materials Super Anchor Test System for testing anchor strengths in concrete wood masonry and other construction materials Buy anchor bolt pull off tester for sale from professional Construction Non Destructive Testing Equipment manufacturers and suppliers here Our factory will offer you competitive price and good service Serve Real Instruments Co Ltd Contact person Kira zhang Kira

The pull test kit consists of two assemblies a mechanical assembly which includes a claw stand nut amp spindle a hydraulic assembly which includes a hollow core ram hand pump gauge amp hose The gauge measures pressure which is easily converted into tons of load Suitable for testing virtually all types of rock bolts and soil nails Pull Out Testing UK provides all forms of pull out testing load and stress testing and anchor bolt testing for construction companies architects commercial builders and all other businesses across the country We provide comprehensive detailed reports to show ANCHOR BOLT INSTALLATION amp TESTING This course is designed for personal to be able to install test carry out periodic inspection and retesting of Type A anchor devices in accordance with BS7883 BS EN795 and BS8610 The course will cover the roles and responsibilities for the system design installer inspector and user The equipment consists of a hydraulic jack 20 ton aluminum spring return with eyebolt security manometric and bell integrated for the extraction of appropriate bolts used for the test of the pull out and by a pump manual lever with relative pipe Detailed information of Rock Bolt Pull Testing Equipment offered by WECAND ENTERPRISE CO LTD The pull out test equipment contains a hydraulic cylinder with a 30 bar or 60 bar of pressure capacity a manually operated hydraulic pump with manometer for

Eye and Ring bolt Load Pull Testing in Seattle GHB Fall Protection Technicians are able to test each structural anchorage after installation which will be pulled based on the blueprint drawings amp load capacity to confirm the soundness of the fixing This service is for testing safety harness bolts and can be applied to ladder restraint hooks Thank you for visiting U S Pull Test the industry leader for on site pull testing services with anchor rods up to 3 diameter and loads up to 500 kips Our equipment has been custom designed and made to USPT s specifications and is the most compact amp powerful in existence This allows us to perform tests that other companies simply cannot Pull test using a bolt test adaptor and button adaptor accessories M2000 Height Safety Tester Kit – with 0 25kN Digital Gauge Anchor Test Equipment Hollow Wall Anchors Chemical Anchors Capsule Adhesive Chemical Injection Chemical Anchor Fixings 2021 5 17 nbsp 0183 32 Anchor pull testing is usually performed with an objective to measure the performance of the anchor installation and to verify whether it is able to pull out forces or not In simpler terms it establishes the load capacity strength of fixings that have been installed or fitted into slabs walls soffits etc If you have questions about Allfasteners pull testing equipment or our services feel free to contact one of our representatives via phone or email Call 888 859 6060 or email us at salesny allfasteners com Contact Us

rod pull test equipment 1 794231 0 pull test tensile adhesion pull testing equipment anchor bolt pull test cinch anchor pull test direct tensile pull test equipment expansion anchor pull tests hold 3 times tensile strength strain pull tester pull The anchor bolt pull out tester is mainly used to test the anchorage force of different kinds of anchorage devices it s kind of a very common construction engineering testing equipment Application Pull out resistance test of anchor bolt anchor cable steel bar Hydrajaws M2000 Safety Harness Eye Bolt with 25kN Digital Gauge 200 012 Anchor Fastener Pull Tester 200 012 3 190 00Anchor Pull Out Testing Humboldt supplies a range of portable testers for testing the crucial holding force of anchors and fixings in construction materials These anchor testers can be used to measure the performance of the anchor installation and verify that it will resist specific pull out forces in the lab or onsite Our advanced testing equipment allows us to accurately measure the tensile strength of the industrial fixings Our anchor bolt pull out test equipment can be used to determine the pull out strength of Fixings and anchors all industry

Post installed anchor testing The jobsite where installer experience can vary dramatically is no place to experiment with anchors That s why we thoroughly test and document the performance parameters and application and installation guidelines for every Hilti anchor It s also why we offer fastening systems design software to help Eye Bolt Screw Anchors Concrete Screws X Series Nylon Anchors Hammer In Anchor Powder amp Gas Anchoring Wedge Anchors NCC Compliant Anchors Seismic Anchors Trak Pro Pins amp Gas Systems Anchor Test Equipment Hollow Wall Anchors Rivets anchorage test for fully grouted bolts Standard pull tests have sometimes been employed but they provide no information on the anchorage near the top of the bolt An alternative first described more than 25 yrs ago in the U S is the short encapsulation pullPull Out Testing provide pull out testing load and stress testing anchor bolt testing for construction companies architects steel fabrication companies steel erection companies schools access companies such as window cleaners scaffold companies health and safety companies commercial builders air conditioning companies and pipework installation Anchor Bolt Pull Testing At Contract Welding Services we perform anchor pull tests as a quality control measure When evaluating an anchoring system the bolt should be mounted in the same manner and method and in the same material it is envisioned or projected to be used in final construction