Atlantic Bolt can furnish any bolt or fastener for commercial building construction whether it s F1554 anchor bolts support rods A325 structural connection bolts roof deck screws grade 5 8 bolts or socket head bolts for the machinery inside Our key values are service honesty and integrity in all our business dealings Bent bar anchor bolts must meet the material requirements of Standard Specification for Carbon Structural Steel ASTM A36 A36M ref 6 Headed anchors include conventional square head or hexhead threaded bolts but also include plate anchors where a steel plate is welded to the end of the bolt We supply a wide range of heavy duty bolting for joints in structural steel Specifications BS 3692 Gr 8 8 10 9 12 9 ASTM A325 High Strength Bolts JIS 1186 F10T BS 4395 Part 1 2 3 High Strength Friction Grip Bolts Torque Shear Type High Strength Bolts TC Bolts BS EN ISO 3506 A4 70 80 BS ISO 3506 A2 70 80 SAE 29 6 2020 nbsp 0183 32 Anchor bolts are designed to attach structural elements to concrete In our industry anchor bolts are typically used to attach steel to concrete One end is embedded into the concrete while the opposite end is threaded to attach structural support There are four main types of anchor bolts L shaped double end rods with plate headed and swedge Many structural anchor bolts are made of strong metals such as steel Others are made out of plastic and designed to hold metal screws in place when connected to or concrete Most come in the shape of bolts or screws and can be drilled into porous surfaces with ease

Properties of Structural Bolts MINIMUM ASTM DESIGNATION BOLT DIAMETER in MINIMUM TENSILE STRENGTH YIELD STRENGTH ksi ksi 0 2 OFFSET A307 lA307 low carb tlbon steel 1 4 t 41 4 to 4 60 High strength Structural bolts A325 medium carbon steel 1 2 to 1 1 1 8 t 1 1 2 120 105 92 81 A490 alloy steel 1 8 to 1 1 2 to 1 1 2 150 130While constructing the steel structure the most difficult part is the installation of anchor bolts where it is taken as an ankle joint of a steel column A method statement of the installation of anchor bolt should be formed to ensure that the method is perfect against the sanctioned drawing and it should conform with the safe working condition 23 10 2011 nbsp 0183 32 You would NEVER field coat paint anything structural that is threaded and that will have to accept a nut since the coating will interfere with proper fastening Hot dip galvanized anchor bolts should be used if corrosion is a concern Do not have regular black anchor rods galvanized since the clearances would not be correct 1 1 Cast in place anchors are placed in position before concrete is cast A cast in place anchor can be a headed bolt of standard structural steel placed with its head in the concrete It can also be a standard threaded rod and a hexagonal nut with the nut end embedded in concrete Anchor bolt diameter is specified by EcoSteel Length of embedment and anchorage details are by the foundation engineer For 3 4 1 and 1 1 4 bolt diameters a 3 projection minimum from the bottom of the baseplate is required

Anchor rods also referred to as anchor bolts concrete embeds or foundation bolts are embedded in concrete foundations to support structural steel columns light poles traffic signals highway sign structures industrial equipment and many other applications Manufacturing Anchor bolts are used to connect structural and non structural elements to concrete The connection can be made by a variety of different components anchor bolts also named fasteners steel plates or stiffeners Anchor bolts transfer different types of load tension forces and shear forces Structural Bolting 3 During hoisting connectors will install a minimum of two bolts per connection The restof the bolts are installed and tightened after the structure is plumbed Matchmarksare placed on each nut bolt and steel surface in a straightline 3 Anchor Bolts range from those required for normal fixing of concentrically loaded columns to those subject to uplift shear and moment forces The standard diameters suitable for use are M20 M24 and M30 These sizes match standard nuts while for bolts M36 M48 M56 M64 and M72 round bars of the next larger standard size are used and turned down This document describes the installation procedure of Anchor bolts for all Structural Steel Static and Rotating Equipment Foundations The template is to be set to arrange the Anchor bolts sleeve type which will fix all Structural Steel Static and Rotating Equipment within the tolerances specified in the drawings

headless anchor bolts also known as anchor rods made of carbon medium carbon boron alloy or high strength low alloy steel It provides for anchor bolts in three strength grades two thread classes and in the diameters specified in Section 4 The specification also covers all thread rod for use in anchor ing to concrete An Anchor Bolt is used to attach objects or structures to concrete There are many types of Anchor Bolts all consist of thread end to which a nut and washer is attached for the external load Anchor Bolts are extensively used on all types of projects from standard building to dams bridges road power plants etc Type of Anchor Bolts we manufacture 1 Tie Rods SAG Rods or Anchor Rods have many applications from being embedded in concrete to support structural steel columns highway sign structures industrial equipment light poles among many other applications Rods come in various configurations IE rods with threads at both ends Tie Rods rods with a plate washer or nut tack welded on rods with steel sleeves etc Made from steel comparable to Grade 5 steel these bolts are suitable for most work holding applications Low Strength Steel Hold Down Bolts About half the strength of medium strength bolts these bolts are for light duty work holding alloy steel anchor bolts also known as anchor rods The anchor bolts are furnished in three strength grades two thread classes and in the sizes specified in Section 4 1 2 The anchor bolts are intended for anchoring structural supports to concrete foundations Such structural supports include building columns column supports for highway