Answer 1 of 3 There are concrete screws call Tapcons You need a hammer drill and the correct masonry bit to pre bore a hole to a very specific diameter and depth and a powered driver to drive the Tapcon into the hole The threadings on a Tapcon have a series ofTapcon the original inventor of blue concrete screw anchors is proud to introduce the next generation of the industry s most trusted concrete fastener The newly engineered design delivers superior productivity through fast installation and less downtime 2020 6 7 nbsp 0183 32 Tapcon 174 concrete screws tap threads into a predrilled hole in concrete or block The 5 32 quot bit is used for the 3 16 quot Tapcon 174 concrete screw and the 3 16 quot bit is used for the 1 4 quot Tapcon These bits can be used for either the standard blue 2021 8 19 nbsp 0183 32 The tapcon concrete screw is a male anchor that comes in a wide range of diameters from 3 16 quot to 3 4 quot and in lengths from 1 3 4 quot long to 6 quot long Masonry screw anchors are available in two different head styles designed for different types of applications ITW 24326 Tapcon Maxiset 1 4 in x 2 1 4 in Hex Head Concrete Anchors Silver 50 per Pack in Concrete Screws For those who are shearing the heads off Tapcon brand anchors Try using the Tapcon brand Condrive 500 installation kit and you will never shear the

I drew lines where the top of the 2x4 should be and marked a spot for the tapcon at about 4 quot below the top Drill first hole in concrete to a depth of 1 5 quot Used hammer drill with concrete bit on low speed Blew out dust using canned air Predrilled matching hole in 2x4 using wood drill bit 2020 11 24 nbsp 0183 32 One popular type of drill bit that is used to drill into cured concrete is the SDS carbide tipped drill bit SDS is simply the bit retention system or how the bit is held in the drill There is some debate as to what the quot SDS quot acronym stands for The original German interpretation was quot Steck Dreh Sitz quot meaning Insert Twist Stay Tapcon 1 4 in x 2 3 4 in Head Blue Concrete Anchors 75 The Tapcon 1 4 in x 2 3 4 in Hex washer head concrete anchor is perfect for a variety of fastening applications in concrete block and Use this anchor to attach electrical equipment downspout Tapcon next generation screw anchors are available in 3 16 and 188 diameters in key sizes for most concrete fastening applications from 1 1 4 to 4 in length They are available in a wide variety of small medium and large pack counts along with even larger buckets to allow pros to by in quantities they need for the job 2022 2 9 nbsp 0183 32 IRWIN Concrete Drill Bit Set with Driver Bits 5 32 3 16 Inch Impact Performance 9 Piece 1881131 60 44 View Product Highlighted Features Built for maximum durability and long life with impact drivers Innovative pressed carbide tip with aggressive cutting angles for faster drilling and longer bit life

2021 2 18 nbsp 0183 32 The AnkaScrew™ Tapcon™ is a 100 removable masonry anchor Now available in 5 16 3 8 and 189 diameters The Tapcon Ankascrew Masonry Screw is ideal for fixing onto concrete and block eBay Product ID ePID 20011259496 WERCS AnkaScrew™ Screw In Anchors Countersunk Head For jobs needing a flush finish eg Tapcon is the heavy duty 3 16 x 1 1 4 Flat Head Concrete Screw 50pc F71101 Buy Now Reviews Reviews There are no reviews yet Be the first to review Flat Head Concrete Screws Cancel reply Your email address will not be published Required fields are marked Powder Actuated Hammer a tool which fires a 22 caliber shell loaded with a nail Tapcon Screws Pre drill base plate and concrete and then secure to the floor with Tapcon screwes This will require a hefty hammer drill A cordless may drain too quickly depending on how much framing needs to be secured to the floor Titen Turbo screw anchor for concrete and masonry Smooth driving blue screw anchor Compare to TAPCON concrete screws For the first time we are introducing a 6 lobe drive masonry screw to provide improved installation experience This design is superior to 2014 5 22 nbsp 0183 32 Tapcon not only provides you with the concrete anchors they also give you a nice concrete bit to do the drilling for you Purchase the Tapcon Condrive installation tool and the job is even easier – you only need one hammer drill driver to do the job

Tapcon 3 16 in D X 2 3 4 in L Steel Hex Head Concrete Screw Anchor 75 pk 0 Reviews 23 99 23 9900 Free Store Pickup Today Select 2 or more products for side by side feature comparison Compare Tapcon 1 3 4 in L Star Flat Head Concrete Screws 225 pk 2021 2 25 nbsp 0183 32 Tapcon Improves a Popular Design For Even Better Productivity There is an expectation that even the best concrete screw anchors will break or spin out during installation This makes for more rework slowing down productivity Now next gen Tapcon Concrete 2021 4 7 nbsp 0183 32 Tapcon next generation screw anchors are available in 3 16 in and 188 in diameters in key sizes for most concrete fastening applications from 1 1 4 in to 4 in in length They are available in a wide variety of small medium and large pack counts along with even larger buckets to allow pros to by in quantities they need for the job I keep breaking Tapcon screws what am I doing wrong Using supplied drill bit to make a hole in hollow cinder block foundation Then when driving the screw in the head will snap off 3 out of 4 times I tried using impact drill hammerdrill that s what they say to use in manual and almost always the screw will break 2011 11 23 nbsp 0183 32 I bought some tapcon screws bolts and a concrete masonry drill bit All I want to do is secure it with two bolts one at the back corner and one on the opposite front corner I some advice on another forum but it seemed that many of the answers were not what I wanted to hear

2006 3 30 nbsp 0183 32 Tapcons I drill insert screw with out having to move the piecebeing anchored and go on to the next screw And if I really don twant it coming up I put some polyuretheane glue down andshe ain t never goin nowwhere nowhow One other thing about tapcons as someone else has pointed out Is if you use to long of a tapcon I don t care what you do youain t gonna get that 2021 8 17 nbsp 0183 32 Anchor screws Walldog Tapcon concrete screw or screw anchor with a masonry drill to The action screw looks like a regular screw and angry is Once you can receive simple Do you have to use a wedge anchor through the Due to the hard density of concrete you ll either need a hammer drill or the best tool to use for drilling concrete is a rotary hammer drill That is not to say that you absolutely cannot use an impact drill for concrete but if you do I would hope that you have lots of time on your hands and some really good hex shank masonry bits 2022 1 21 nbsp 0183 32 You simply pre drill a hole of the correct size and torque the Tapcon down preferably with a socket wrench or impact driver That s it Some packages of tapcons even come with the proper size drill bit included That s because the size of the pilot hole isWhite Ultrashield Tapcon Concrete screw anchors are perfect for hurricane protection and any exterior projects that need a white color match including shutters door and window frames screened enclosures and many other applications that require fastening into